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  • Just remember the good times you have had and leave it at that because if u spill the beans, your wife and yourwifes sisters husband will probly never forgive her sister and you . Other then lustfull attraction and good sex what are you gonna realy do with her that you cant do with your wife anyways? Im a man who to wishes that life could be like an erotic movie. but its not people are a selfish jealous bunch and dont like to share.if u do get caught just tell em your just fallowing jesus final command and thats for everyone to love each other. that and be happy just being friends with her sister. You can always sleep with her sister which is your wife! If you re determind, get yourwife to sleep with her husband and make them the ones in trouble instead.good luck
  • oh God. Sometimes you just have to say "not in this lifetime" &this is one of those times. I don't know if you have ever been cheated on by someone u love but it is the most excruciating pain. It is very clear what ur decision must be if u want to save the people (including ur children)u most luv from incredible pain. Stop being selfish. You made the decision to marry ur wife. Either accept that & fall in luv w her again or divorce her. Stop the affair & Accept that her sister is not an option 4 u. And take this to ur grave aftewards. Your wife deserves more respect than this, especially if she has been as great as you say. Think about someone other than yourself now. I hope you will make the right decision.
  • Is it worth it, all the hell that you are putting yourself through. But I am a firm believer that you pay for your secrets eventually. The mouth will eventually tell what the heart feels. It is best that you end this for it will surely end itself in time. Your sister -n-law is about to bust the bubble, it is only a matter of time. The hell that you both feel should be felt, because you both know that you are dead wrong. You and your sister in law are going to get old and when your children and her children have nothing to do with either one of you, the both of you will have what you all wanted each other but that is all that you will have. May GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL, FOR YOU HAVE TRULY STEPPED THROUGH THE THRESHOLD OF HELL WITH THIS SINFUL RELATIONSHIP.
  • That is horrible. But I can relate. You should have divorced your wife before screwing her sister.

    What a mess. Hmmm.
  • I am the man who posted this, although I do not know if I have the right to call myself a man anymore. You are all right in what you say. We have both acted foolishly and selfishly, I broke off the relationship soon after posting this confession. I feel like I have lost my right arm. I am brokenhearted over the loss of my wifes sister, but even more I am sick over what I have done to my family even thought they do not have an idea of what happened. My wife knows that something is wrong with me, I have never been one to verbalize my problems but she KNOWS all is not right with me and I can see it hurts her when I do not respond to her offers of help. I do not deserve this wonderful woman and I do not know if I will ever forgive myself for hurting her or her sister. The sad thing is that if her sister calls I will be unable to resist. I don't go to the family gatherings anymore becase I do not trust the two of together, especially after our recent split. I think we both need time and space. I cannot hide from the family forever, I will have to be a man and suck it up. I always thought I was a rock and now I know I am a coward.
  • Sister in laws who wants to have an affair with their sisters' husband are jealous sisters' who want to break family lives. They can jolly well get other men but since their intention is so evil, they rather cause pain and mess their sisters lives. They should be the one who should refuse to have anything to do with their brother-in-laws. It is a grave sin in Bible according Leviticus. God will severely punish those who mis-handles other 0 people's0 marriages. Its not worth it if one is to burn in hell for such action. There other men to seek and marry them! Unless you are an instrument for the devil, avoid such relationships.

  • I think you should keep on having your secret affair to the very end. Best thing in an affair is that it is secret, the guilt u feel and especially when it is incest relationship.
    Keep fucking her as much as u can
  • Dude...

    I feel your pain and you are a man but one who has made a mistake. I also am having feelings for my sister-in-law. She is so wonderful and special my kids even love her. I have a daughter from a previous marriage and her and my soon to be ex-wife hate each other but she loves my sister-in law.

    We talk and talk like we are best friends and have been texting each other late at night recently. She has supported me thru the impending divorce with her sister and is the only one who talks to me from her family.

    My situation is different because my wife was the one who was having the affairs with her ex-boyfriends. I tried to make it work and fight for my family but got tired of battling with her. I had to call my sister-in-law and ask her if she knew about it I just wanted to know if she knew. She was shocked and really concerned about me it was truly nice. We have been talking ever since and I told her that many times I wish it was her I had married. She agreed that we always got along well together. I am now thinking of her a lot, especially when I close my eyes late at night. I want to be with her more and more I think she would want to do the same, but she is a decent person so it probably will not happen for us.

    So, I know it is tuff on you and her but first if you two really want to be together you both need to end your marriages. You may choose to tell why maybe not, probably best not to go into it if there are kids involved. Just end your marriages and continue to see each other quitely until some time passes. Love is funny and since she is your wifes sister they share some qualities that atrracted you to your wife, you need to talk to her and ask what she truly wants then take it from there....GL!
  • well here a take from a different perspective,I am the adult child of a man who was never fathiful to his wife and was bad at hiding it. I watch my mom cry and suffer endlessly. I hated my dad for what he did to my mom and us. I felt that he did not love her and we were included in that idea. I grew up angry at him and when I was old enough to tell him to go to hell, I did. I felt like I did not need to respect him nor listen to him and when he tried to parent me I'd tell him "GO TO HELL". He tried to lie to us and tell us that it was not true that he was cheating But, I caught him red handed. The resentment and anger has carried through out my life. In 1982 he suffered a serious accident that almost killed him,everyone went to his side includ-
    ing my mom. I felt almost at peace that this man was going to die and I was ok with that fact. He made it though and he change his ways.I still carried a lot of resentment and anger,I could not forgive him for his behavior towards us and my mom. What funny is my dad was a great provider and a loving man but, get in between his secret life and he got verbally mean and nasty to all of us. my dad is 86 years old and has been bedridden for sometime it was not until last OCT2008 that he was relly sick and I thought he was going to die again that it actually hurt.I had to put all my negative feeling for him behind us anf I finally forgive him. The greatest gift you can give your kids is to love and respect thier mother. If you feel that she is not your soulmate then do it the right way and be honest with her and leave.
    DON"T date anyone until some kind of healing has taken place. Is this love,lust, soulmate stuff worth the love and respect of YOUR KIDS?my dad end up staying with my mom and adores may not be your decision to saty but, you have to put an end to your cheating.
  • You need therapy. Seeking the help of a doctor will help you with your grief over the several losses you are feeling- your self-worth, having betrayed your wife and family, and the loss of a love. You need to prepare for the possibility that all this will come out. You sister-in-law is more likely to tell her husband about the affair than you are to tell your wife. Confessing to her husband about her affair with you, while it will hurt him, is not betraying him through an affair with one of his siblings- which is far, far worse. Good luck, you have a long road ahead of you.
  • I have been having an affair for the last year with my sister in law. we both feel that we are in love and do not know what to do. she is leaving my brother next month. since i started this affair my life has become a wreck, i cant concentrate on anything else but her and the affair. she was wanting to divorce him before we started this because he had cheated on her , but i know that is no excuse for what i have done. we have tried and tried to cut it off but we love to talk to each other and be around each other. we keep trying to figure out how to make it work. people say that you are sorry for doing this, but you can not help the way you feel about another person. I just wanted to say that you are not alone. i have been going to therapy because of this and my therapist tells me that i should tell him because this is like a boil waiting to burst.
  • I have traveled that road and i know waht you are talking about. However I came up with a solution that is helping me keep my eyes of my sister-in-law at least for a couple of days: Whenever I make love to my wife, I am imaginaing that she is her sister, the one I am in love with. The desire for my sister in law fades away at least for several days, and when it comes back, my wife is there for me in her stead.
  • You should have never done this in the first place. Marriage and family is sacred. Maybe it would have been easier to swallow if you were cheating in general, but with her own sister? How could you?

    This is so wrong in many ways. You said that your wife has been wonderful and would never do anything to hurt you. Why would you ruin something so precious? I can't imagine what hell your family is going to go through if or when this gets out. Not only is it going to ruin your family's life, but it's going to ruin her relationship with her sister forever.

    You know what you need to do and you need to take care of it sooner rather than later.
  • My Dear, its alright to be in love with someone then to be not in love with anyone. Tell your wife about your feelings towards her sister, i m sure whe will certainly appreciate it. Also take your sister inlaw's husband in confidence also. In today's society people are becoming more experimenting. Try to be as truthful as u can and try to involve your sis in law and her husband in a foursome, i.e. u and your wife and your sis in law and her husband. BUT MY ADVICE IS dont do it in a haste. Give the circumstances some time to develop on its own. Fruits ripen with time are always sweet. In fact recent analysis by some psychologists say there is not harm in finding love outside marriage if both the parties agree to it, and in the long run it can really spice up the life of all the partners who are party to it.

  • I never been good at giving advice but here it goes.Being in love and thinking your in love is 2 different things but when it comes it catches you by surprise.Only you and her can determine which it is or could it be lust? hmmm. I believe there are few options to that, keep having the secret love affair and or don't make it a secret anymore or just end it.If you stay with your wife and your miserable and constant arguing or just incompatible why live that way? Wouldn't that be hurting your family as well?
    If you feel you have found your call in life being whatever it is why miss the opportunity, a happy person may be better for him or her and others.Now this isn't about being selfish because we tend to do things that our selfish.Keep in mind your kids wait until they are a little older if she loves you she'll wait .They need parents but happy ones...Only your heart and mind can answer your own questions.Good luck with your decision.
  • I dream of fucking my sister in law BUT without divorcing my wife. I just want to screw her to death....
  • my sister in law is way hot all you have to do is fantisize about it. once you sleep with her you've crossed a line
  • I do love kelly With all my heart she is my wife I do love her I feel happy when I never not with out you in my mind but I do love her I will keep her in my arms I never thinking about her in my life Iam 22 yrs god please help me she is my wife before I love her confessed before I die
  • love, is as damning as it is blessing..just depends which side ur on..kinda like freedom fighter or rebel..
    I love my wife(say 'Betty'), been wid her for 4 years been married for 1. 'Betty' got married forcefuly by her parents (2 years ago) to this guy in her family..but later she fel in love wid him, only to find out he was cheating on her wid another girl, they got divorced..during the time of her marriage i was in random touch wid her sister(named 'cathy') and grew a bond..and as time passed by it grew more than tht, but i never realized it was love...when Betty got divorced i consoled her and tried to be there for her cuz i stil had feelings for her..eventually we (Betty and me) got married by our families consent. It was good at first but her first marriage scarred her so deep tht she is not the same person hu i loved initially..n we started to hv a lot of arguments, but since she and her sister (cathy) are closer than best friends, she used to tel her everythng and since cathy and i are very much alike she used get my point of view and talk to me abt it. I, by tht time realized tht the closeness and comfort i felt wid her was love..and i tried to distance my self from cathy cuz now she was my sister-in-law, but it didnt help and got to a point where i cudnt hold back so i told the both of them separately, my wife (betty)also knows tht i have told her sister(cathy) abt it, but her sister doesnt knw tht betty knows... Now the predicament is i love them both.. I dont wanna hurt my wife to b wid her sister, and i knw cathy loves her sister enuff to not evn accept she loves me evn though it is quite evident at times but we both laugh it off knowingly...but at times it gets really hard being around knwing i cannot be wid her..oh n by the way my wife is much hotter than her sister..but i think love by looks n physic is more like lust, n love cuz of personality soulmate yeah which ever way i tel it its stil just as fucked up! Maybe some day it wil get over...mayb tht day wil b my end too ;)
  • Divorce your wife and be with who you love. The pain will heal over time but life is to short for you not to be happy.
  • what you done in out of plce give your slf a smack over the head
  • I'm in my late 40's and my wife late 30's. My sister-in-law , who is in her early 40's, and I had a brief affair. She and her husband lost their business and we had to take them in for a few months. They couldn't pay us rent. One Saturday morning her and I were home together alone. We were chatting and she asked how often my wife and I "did it". I jokingly said not enough. She responded, you know we can't afford to pay you anything for living here, so how about I give you a blowjob once in a while. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. How about one now, she offered. We were standing in the kitchen, she dropped to her knees and pulled down my track pants and underwear. I admit, I was nervous, but still managed to cum in her mouth after a few minutes. This continued on for the entire time they lived with us. A average of 3-4 times a week. I even went down on her occasionally, but we never had intercourse. That was 4 years ago, and to this day, when we get a free moment together, we still "please" each other. Our spouses have never found out and we do not intend to tell. I still have the usual sex life with my wife and she does with her husband. We are both happily married families with kids. We have never talked about stopping the "oral" affair as we both like sex so much. We both feel it's worth it as long as we are careful.
  • Feeling for you man. There comes a time in your life when you have to think of your own hapiness. Make absolutely sure it is what you both want then walk away from your marriage. Sounds blunt but that's how it has to be. Just go for it and make yourself happy for once.
  • Your a bit of a Knob !!!
  • I am the man who posted this and my sister in law and I are back at it. I appreciate all of the advice that everyone here has posted. We tried to stay away from one another but in the end we just could not do it. She is my soulmate and I will never give her up. We are both going to stay with our spouses, but in the end, if we have to be found out in order to stay together that is the way it is going to be. She has taken a job that allows her to travel about once a month and I join her on these business trips, eventually someone is going to connect the timeline of travel, connect the dots and the gig will be up, we have already prepared ourselves for this possibility. We were miserable without one another and we will never go through that again. This is not just about sex, it is about the way we feel together, we are so close we don't even need to talk half the time, and when we are out of town together and do not have to hide, and we go out as a couple.... it is the best feeling n the world. When we return and have to go to our respective homes, it is very hard for us. She is wonderful, my heart swells every time I think of her, I cannot imagine a life that does not involve her. I can barely fuck my wife anymore, I always have to give excuses to her why i am not interested and I can see that she is hurt, in my heart of hearts, I hope that this will drive her into the arms of another man, because she is very sexual and wants it all of the time. If that were to happen I could leave her guilt free and be with the one I truly love. Thank all of you for your comments.
  • I am at it with my sister in law Sandra D we cant get enough of it we do it 4 times a week or more I want us both to leave our partners and Sandra live with me as I want to have babies with her. I think she is already pregnant by me.
  • I would encourage any Christian husband who can take-his sister-in-law into his arms and pray with-her, to hug her, and always undress-her in his vision.. and to make-her enjoy his semen as much as his wife, in at least four differant ways if possible. If mensruating, she should enjoy him orally.. I would prefer that he impregnate His sister-in-law, and his-wife-in the same room, the same weekend. I think they will both-enjoy it even more.
    this would be a Blessing From God
  • When you get married it is for better or for worse my friend. Do not think for a min that becuase you have feelings for another woman, that it means you have lost the lvoe for your wife and she is not your soul mate. What your doing is an act of selfishness and pure lust in my view
  • i am also in love with my sister in law, she loves me too , but my problem is she is in another country now for job opportunity,we been apart now for almost 2 months now,what shall i do?eventhough i'm with my wife now, i miss her very much, sometimes i wish i could visit her in the country she is working because she has a 2 yrs contract there, i do love her very much please help me some advice please..
  • The original poster and all the atta boys that followed. You should all hid your selfish heads in shame. It is without out question disgusting Never mind your family members finding out look in the mirror you may not be the only family member she's doing . I had my man gop to my sister he was the fourth of my men she wanted. Bet you feel special now and hopefully you are really thinking about who else is involved in this mess
  • To the guy who posted this:

    I really understand you. I am going through similar hell.
    Only I don't have children yet, and my sister in law lives with her mother. My sister in law is the most beautiful thing in the world - soul and body. I am crying every time I think of her. We didn't have an affaire and I am not sure I am going to have one soon, but it hurts so badly. I am 29 and the SIL is 20, I have been in love with her since she is 15.....

    This is a living hell and I don't blame you for getting back together with your wife's sister.

    Maybe it is better to tell your wife / her husband so it can be official...??

  • Bravo! I think half of us with an IQ above the level of retardation have had thoughts about a good looking SIL at one point in our lives, but smart enough not to act upon them.

    You tapped her funbox because you could, And you still want more? You're pretty much screwed. If you dump her, she'll freak out and tell your wife for you. If you marry her, you'll never trust each other. If you trust her knowing she is lying to her sister and having an affair with a maried man --I can offer you some beachfront property in Florida.

    Worse part is that in the end, women always stick together no matter what. By being with her, everyone loses --especially you. Imagine the family reunions during the holidays.

    Let's face it. You don't love each other. Love is something you choose to do and not a feeling or an emotion. It's doing and wishing the best for the other person regardless of what you think or feel. There are no varying degrees of love. You either do something or you don't.

    Thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions are like birds: We can't keep them from flying above our heads, but we don't have to let them make nests in our hair.

    It's easy and even preferable to decide to love someone you lust for or are attracted to. It's certainly difficult to choose to love someone you don't particularly like. I myself enjoy the new girlfriend smell. But like everything else, the scent of your SIL will get old. Then what?

    You can't control feelings or emotions, but you certainly can choose on how you decide to think, communicate or behave. The laundry list tells me that you're probably going through a guilt trip ever since you decided not to love your wife anymore. Your SIL certainly does not love her sister.

    It's too easy to list a million reasons to say you love a woman you're attracted to, but you only need one reason to do the right thing.

    How can you promise to love each other forever if it were something that was not totally up to you?

    Now you have to pull yourself together, stop making up excuses, be a man and find a way to let it all go. Your SIL will get eventually get tired or even bored of having to sneak away to do the Dr. Nasty. She'll up the ante by spilling the beans with her "guilty" conscience. You'll be the "Bad Guy" and they'll always be sisters.
  • Guy with the SIL overseas: Get a passport or get over it.
  • telling it to the person who originally posted it. i know what you are going throug and it is hell but can you really continue? your sil will become really jelous about your wife everytime you stay away from her, and she will start accusing you soon, that you are givng more time to your wife than her.
  • I'd like to thank you soo much, i too dhave the hots for my SIL and have kids and all that. Almost same sistuation. Reading all this makes me see the big picture soo much better.
    I have wanted her ever since i can remember. We have alot in common, good conversation, attration, and she smells so damb good!!! BUT still even with all of these thing, they dont equal out the negitive things in prusueeing something with her.
    So for that i give you a great big THANK YOU on opening my eyes from the lust blinders.
    AS for you ? i dont know what to tell you. Your going to have to wish for death on somebody or something.
    maybe take up a hobbie or hobbies to keep your mind off your love triangle. LIKE? going to the gym, gun club, hunting , pool leauge, swimming, hiking, video games, porn, these are just a few GL to you and god bless


  • This is all twisted
  • man i feel your pain. I am married for 2 yrs and love ma wife but cant
    get ma sil out of ma head.. Am 30 and shes 25 and i think i love her.

    I txt her morning and night and she txt me bak. I know she likes me too but am scared of doing anything encase i am wrong. She always kisses me and every time she in the room we both find it difficult to look @ each other.

    We have hooked up a few times and no1 knows about it, but we never done anything. We even had a spliff togther but am scared to do anything encase i loose her or my wife finds out.

    She has a BF but heard shes fukedhim about but she is so hot and i get on with her better than ma wife. A am so confused dont know wot to do help

  • I would keep screwing her as much as you and her want to. Screw the others. You would naturally stop screwing her if sex with your wife was hotter anyways. Do what cums naturally. Congratulations! It's way easier when youre closer to her and have more chances of getting together, even in the same house when everyone is there! so exciting! woohoo!
  • Do not go down this road . I am in love with my sil . And we flirt alot . But I know if we take it to the next step I will be hurting my whole family. There is much more to my story . But it is too painful to even write about. Your common bond is the fact that she is your sil . Just keep it a secret fantasy and you will be a better man for it. If you persue it you are o ly thinking of your selfish needs not what it will do to your family . What is more impotant in this life than family.
  • Dude, I am sorry, but you are being a coward, and you are humiliating your wife. You have choices, and you are waiting to end this situation in the worst possible way. You are betraying your wife -- a wonderful woman who has never been anything but good to you -- , your children -- the greatest children a man could ever have -- Can't you see how blessed you are? Why don't you end your marriage with a little bit of dignity? You owe this to your family. Your SIL owes this to her family and her sister. My SIL is something else, but definitely not my soulmate. I restrain myself from fantasizing myself being in a romantic situation with her or any other woman. This is respect, but if I were caught in a situation like yours, I would at least be honest to myself, to my wife and children, and to everything else I believe in life. You both are feeling miserable, and misery loves company. Doesn't it? You should care more about the important people in your life. This is a good advise dude. You would damage your children' life if you do not do the right thing now. You will ruin their confidence. They might not be able to build healthy relationships in the future. If you have a daughter, she will be fat and frustrated. Your family will be disgusted with you. Your children will never respect you. Think in the consequences of your choices. Be responsible. Go talk with a psychologist. Since there is no way to stay with your wife, you can be happy with your SIL without damaging everybody else's life. Think about it.
  • I think u better stop it from now
  • I understand. I have been in love with my S-I-L for 14 years! We've never "been together", but we are close and I love her with all my heart. She is the love of my life.

    Just be careful because you will only have a mess if you play this wrong. You've already made the mistake, but letting it out will only hurt many people.
  • You are both being very selfish! My family found out two years ago that my dad and my mum's sister had an affair for 6 years without my mum or anyone knowing. It has nearly torn our family apart and my mum now has recently been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, brought on by the stress of this affair. I will never speak to my aunt again and will never look at my father the same way. You are playing with so many people's lives. Stop the affair now and keep this nasty secret to yourselves before you hurt the poeple you should be caring about the most!!
  • what your doing is wrong you can controll your feelings your a very sick conflicted man and your destroying your family and your kids will never respect you GET SOME HELP PLEASE
  • God above is so very true and real to me
  • I love my wife but can't I have lust for another? I have been fantasizing about my SIL for almost 10 years. the thing is she has never flrited with me other than on 2 occations where she had had one too many drinks, but it can be taken as almost nothing as she only rubbed against me when we were on the coutch. She doesn't seem to be in to the active sex thing and get worked up sexually. I have accidently seen her coming out of the shower and once when she was changing. She really turns me on. What can I do to get the message across to her that am crazy to make out with her. Shall I take a chance and perhaps give a spontananeous kiss when she is tipsy next time? any advice.
  • How can I know if my SIL digs me? I want to make out with her so badly but have no idea if I would get rejected. How do I make my move.
  • I was in this position where my SIL and I were in the bedroom for a few minutes as she was checking herself in the mirror when she had come to our place. I was in the room and she walked in and looked at her self in the mirror. I commented on how pretty she looked and she strutted her ass as if showing off. I gave a little spnaking on her bum and she was in shock. I said she asked for it. Ever since then she would dress in such a way to show her cute bum. When we travel in the car she would sit in such a way to rub against my leg. and I let her do it. It is innocent stuff and we both feel nuaghty and wonder if we should take it forward. I have seen her inthe shower many a times, I've like walked into the bathroom and she quickly covers herself. It now seems she is not shy anymore. should I kiss her?
  • it finally happened!!!!
  • I am sexually attracted to my sister in law & i really want tohave sex with her & taste her. Since last 7 years I want her.......what should I do?
  • ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i dpnt think your inlove with your SIL i think you have psychological problems, maybe you have deep seeded childhood issuse, maybe you were molested? becuase what you have writeen shows me that you dont have a clue of what boundaries are. And for God sake tell your wife the truth she has the right to be with a honest man who loves her not someone who is fucking her sis behind her back. she deserves better!

    look im a psychologist if you want i can help jus mail me at
  • Believe me it all a fantazy and we may call it enticing SEX. Yes, plainly it is all about sex and no love involve on this form of fantazy.

    I never looked or crave for any other woman since the day I married my wife. My wife is really a G.I.B.
    say it and you will get what you have askwed for in BED.

    Until one time unknowlingly this irresistibkle good looking, beautiful petite woman , the younger sister of my wife forced herself into the kitchen rubbing all of her front into my back while i took care of the dishes and believe me the strong current hoverred my body feeling that very soft breast rubbing my back. And that day on till now I can never erased that time into mind and always giving mr a hard on.

    Trully i wanted to try having sex with other woman for the first time to eradicate the thought brought about by my sister in law but to no avail.

    Besides it helps me a lot to complying the sexual needs of my wife just by thinking of her.

    It so happen i got one very enticing picture of my SIL and was caught by my wife while having sex with her.
    Admittedly as a man I said it was not my fault and every time we go for a visit to her house, my SIL would raise one of her leg to the couch revealing the lips of her cunts marked on the very very short short pants. i had no other choice but to move out of her houise to ignore anythiong I saw.

    My wife accepted my being honest as i have said that I am a normal man getting turned to my likes.
    My wife uses to tease me with other woman and I would decline then my would confront me that maybe because of her sister. I reply that because that I dont know the woman my wife was referring to me and that she might be having AIDS. And I trusted her sis for I am sure she is clean.

    Yes it is really crazy for the first round of sex is for my wife and the second round would be of thinking having sex with her sister. I dont have any other choice but to give in to my fantaxzy, but it is not my fault for having stirred my sexual fantazy.
    Besides I have told my wife that it helps me a lot because I am not looking to any other woman except for one. and she knows it.
    yeah, my wife is asking me if I wanted her consent to it make legal having sex with her sis. How I wish I can have all the smell of her petite body. but thats up to that point only. it is sure a kind of test of my wife,. So that just a fantazy adding spice to my sexuality.

  • well what can i say my husband was having an affair for 12 years with my sister . I was the one that paid for his sin. After loosing all my confidence and stayed at home and felt guilty what happend at the end he lost his life at the age of 56 . I still love the man i married and did cry for him a lot but he did wrong my daughter got an eating disorder from picking up on his wrong. He died last year if you value your life and your childrens health dont go down that path. And one more thing I am paying off his mastercards as they were all expenses on my sister. He took down him self his family and company .and be alarmed this kind of affair comes with blackmail as my sister was blackmailing him about one of her kids being my husbands. take care think before it is to late you might be the one to loose your life as my husband bid. sydney australia
  • wow...having the same trouble now for 2 years now....
    am in love with my SIL....and i have no one to talk to about this thing...i just can't stop thinking about her face...
  • my SIL and husband have been trying to have a kid for almost 6 years. She confided in me that she oves kids so much that she would do it now with anyone to have one. I jokingly said "well, why not ask your sis and I could give mine and fertility can be carried out, externaly. Now she is so turned on about the idea, she directly suggested we do it. just do it and get over it. its a matter of seconds and she said that she trusts me to keep it between us and that she will too. what should I do. I must confess she is very attractive like her sister and I want to help her. I guess I mights the net time we get an opportunity, when her cycle comes and the timing right. any thoughts, suggestions?
  • Abyine who is critical of this confession is a hypocrite.
  • my SIL and I were travelling in the vehicle and as it was crowded we were all cramped up. We'd all had several rounds of rum and gin and were very high. i do not have to say it, but you can imagine the sitting arrangement. She was on my leg for the 45 min ride home. when one leg got a bit numb she would shift position and how can I hep it, but she was giving me hard on! she should figured it and acted ignorant. it was unbearable for me and I was really hard and so turned on. all of sudden she sipped her left hand on to my leg and on to my crotch. then she unbuttoned my jeans and massaged it in that cramped position. after about 10 min, all she had to do was raise herself and move her skirt. She was wearing a flaired short skirt and flipping it up was very easy. Next she lifted her self as if she was moving to get more comfortable and next with such delicate movement she lowered herself onto me. I was so turned on that all she had to do was to stay in one place and the movement of the vehicle would make her move and she gently moved her butt. with me inside her I was alomost climaxing about 5 minutes later....then I just came inside her and she distracted the others by tallking loud. am not sure if she came but I know that she did it so well and I came so hard. she kept me inside for a few more minutes.......what a drive during the drive back!!! regrets at all. am not married but i might now enagage in SIL to be and not get married to her sister, after all it would not be fair by her.......................I feel gooooood!
  • man don't do it....she can get a sperm donor....jealousy is natural and your and your wife's relationship will never be the same...saying that maybe your wife doesn't want you anymore so she wants you to have someone else so she can be free. get some counseling with your wife and keep your SIL out of your marriage. your setting yourself up for a life of pain and misery
  • Mate, I'm exactly in your situation with one (huge) difference - me and my SIL have never admitted it to each other. Such an admission would turn all our lives into havoc. But I'm sure there will come a day, maybe we will be both in out 70ies and we will have that chance to be together.
    I envy you that you are a step closer than me with the love of your life.
  • you people make me sick.....act like a man....and the SIL who are participating are nasty....neither of you should be respected!
  • People may say "man up" and all of that but truly just ending the relationship with the sister in law still causes problems. This is NOT being a "man" as it is just like running away from the situation, this is your wife's sister!

    You and the sister in law are both hurting yourselves by this relationship and if it gets revealed, it will hurt worse and you both will be shun from the children, family and spouses. The thing is, your wife and her sister are BLOOD, FAMILY, CLOSE. From this "relationship" (if I can even call it that), nothing is gained but guilt and shame.

    The children will hate you for their mother being in a state and you being unfaithful. If you leave, this will make them hate you worse since thats just not responsible.

    Your wife will hate you and her sister.
    Sister in law's husband will hate you worse than her.

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  • I cheatedon my x with her best friend. I ruined my marriage, messed up my relationship with the two most important people in my world, my daughter and son, and it cost me a fortune. It's been nothing but one one knew and I should've just stopped, dropped, and continued with the woman I initially chose and my two great children..instead I'm a single guy, broke, and visit my kids whenever I can....let it go!
  • damn, i have asked this question out of desperation. so many thoughts and advices i have read. the pain of knowing you could be happy yet destroying the life around you or destroying yourself while making all around you happy.
    myself? i could not see me end my days in regret and a failure.
  • My beautiful, sexy, cleaver, kind and considerate finance of 8 years and I are very close and she told me that she used to have sexual relations with her older sister when they were young, ending in their teens.
    We fantasise about the three of us being together and my finance has also smelt and worn her sister's dirty knickers which has brought us close with such intimate secrets.
    Her sister's marriage broke up about two years ago and she has needed comforting. I am ashamed to say that while trying to comfort her (and really, I do care that she is happy), I seduced her and we ended up having sex while my finance was asleep a few rooms away without her knowing.
    In fantasy this would really turn her on but, in reality, I imagine it would hurt her so I haven't been able to tell her.
    I loved the fact that we were so close and honest and this episode has ruined that for me (regardless of the fact she doesn't know).
    I told my SIL that my finance had shared with me their teenage secrets but she said that someone had a vivid imagination (although didn't deny it).
    I think the bottom line is I want to have a threesome with them and to watch them together and, in an attempt to make this happen (make sure she liked me first!), I haven't been honest.
    My SIL seems more sensible than I who, at 39, should really know better and we have not really had any further interaction since that night (just a few phone calls).
    I'm not in love with her (I do desperately love and want my finance), but I feel obsessed by the situation.
    HELP ME ! ! ! ! ! !
  • As Tempting as it may be. DON'T DO IT! for whatever reason at all... get some spiritual council (Jesus based imo). I know my SIL is attracted to me and she is gorgeous I am married and have some children and It is important to weigh it before you do it and not while you're in your moment of LUST. Do like joseph did run and don't look back. Even though your body may crave it and your heart may pound... and then know you have made the right choice and cast it far from you and you may have to do this over and over again but that is price you pay to be a man of integrity. It is not worth it to feed your skin and hormones (flesh) pleasurable encounters with someone you admire. Respect the sanctity of marriage.
  • Most of you are sick, selfish pigs. Talking about what makes you happy and that you only have one life, live it. What about your wives that you're cheating on. Don't you think they deserve to live their lives and be happy. And don't assuse that because all of you are low-life pieces of scum that you're wives or (in some cases husbands) are out doing the exact same thing. If you're not in love with your spouse and looking else where do the right thing and get a divorce. Shit like that doesn't stay a secret forever. U will get caught. And in the mean time your wife is in agony trying to figure out whats up with you, if she's doing something wrong. It may break her heart for you to divorce her but nowhere near finding out what you've been doing and for how long. And your kids....don't get me started. My dad cheated on my mom with a stranger and I think he's a bastard and has forever fucked up my perspection of men. (Glad my husband has morals) Couldn't imagine an aunt. If you want to be happy....then go be happy. Just quit leading your wife on and let her find happiness with a real man who wouldn't treat her like shit.
  • My sister-in-law and I have been experiencing strong sexual tension for over 2 years now. We are very compatible, very attracted to each other, and enjoy a close friendship. What's more, we are both aware of each others feelings, but neither of us is willing to cross the line. Why? Because our minds control our urges, not the other way around. For those of you who have gone through this, think back to the moment your affairs occurred, the kind of intimacy you shared. Was it slow and passionate, or hot and heavy. I'd wager the latter. Point being, love and lust can be almost indistinguishable up until the "naughty" is gone. We your fire grows cold, you'll know yourself to be a fool. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with finding your sister-in-law attractive, you wife and her sister are genetically identical after all. I would say to first look back at your wife. Something is obviously missing, something you have achieved with your sister-in-law. What is it? Finding the what will give you your why, and that my friend is the key to fixing your relationship.
  • I wasnt gonna make any judgments but then i read the 2nd post by the original poster and it was just too easy to be judgmental; I cant believe he thinks you can sexually deprive a spouse and watch them being "hurt" by it, in hopes of pushing her to resort to an affair to satisfy her natural urges which she has every right to satisfy through their marriage and wish upon her to sin like he did and think if he successfully pushes her to go outside of the marriage that then he would be able to "leave her guilt free" and "be with the one I truly love." This comment, quoted below, just shows how messed up his thinking is. You gonna deprive her of her right to satisfy herself through the marriage, knowingly push her into an extra-marital relationship and think that would make her the wrong party and absolves u of the guilt? That's so disgusting and pathetic and likely the most cowardice way of leaving the spouse.
    The poster's language: "I can barely fuck my wife anymore, I always have to give excuses to her why i am not interested and I can see that she is hurt, in my heart of hearts, I hope that this will drive her into the arms of another man, because she is very sexual and wants it all of the time. If that were to happen I could leave her guilt free and be with the one I truly love."

    I agree with the one guy on here who stated love is an act of will we choose to do and not an intangible emotion or feeling over which we have no control. It involves 'the will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth.' For love's sake, get the book "All About Love" by Bell Hooks and get some serious insight no one, not Hollywood and not family, teaches us. I am not a book reader but someone gave it to me years ago and it was like a light bulb went on; I think it is a must read for every person since no one ever told us what "falling" in love is except to say "when you feel it you will know" or it's a butterfly or "wonderful" feeling and such other intangible ways of describing it without really giving us a meaning...please, read the book guys; it is easy quick read but you will be very thankful you came across it; it changed my life forever, and for only 10 bucks. Here's the Amazon link to the book and it has pages from the different chapters which you can read before buying.

    "Affection is only one ingredient of love. To truly love we must learn to mix various ingredients-care, affection, recognition, respect, commitment, and trust, as well as honest and open communication. Learning faulty definitions of love when we are quite young makes it difficult to be loving as we grow older. We start out committed to the right path but go in the wrong direction. Most of us learn early on to think of love as a feeling. When we feel deeply drawn to someone, we cathect with them, that is, we invest feelings or emotion in them. That process of investment wherein a loved one becomes important to us is called "cathexis." In his book Peck rightly emphasizes that most of us 'confuse cathecting with loving.' We all know how often individuals feeling connected to someone through the process of cathecting insist that they love the other person even if they are hurting or neglecting them. Since their feeling is that of cathexis, they insist that what they feel is love. "
  • blow me
  • I fuck my sister inlaw every night,after my wife goes to sleep, and it feels good, she's only 19
  • I have strong feelings for my sister in-law Kim. I can't stop thinking about her. I've been having these feelings for about 3-4 years now. She sees me looking at her a lot and feel that she likes it. But I can never tell if she feels the same way about me. She's the prettiest girl I've ever set my eyes on. I've tried everything to get over this crush. Tried not talking to her, tried ignoring her, tried staying away and not hanging out. Nothing has worked. Every time I know that I'm going to see her I get so nervous and my heart beats so fast. I just can't help the way I feel about her. I do love my wife but I feel like she doesn't appreciate the things that I've done to make her happy in our relationship. I just feel like had I met my sister in-law first, I could of made her a happy women and she would appreciate that. I just hope that one day these feelings go away. Sometimes I feel so depressed.
  • This is from a woman's point of view. I was also in a similar situation with my sister's husband. We both still love our spouses and don't want a divorce. We've both been married for over 20 years. Over the years, we had gotten close and we enjoyed each other's company and talking to each other. It got to the point where we also would also be touch each other more. When we would see each other I would "just happen" to sit or stand next to him so I could touch him. He would rest his hand on my thigh if no one else could see or playfully squeeze my bottom.

    After years of this one night he was in town on a business trip. I invited him over for dinner. My husband was delayed at work so we had dinner alone together. After some wine and conversation something snapped and all of our feelings and passions came out and we had sex.

    Since then we have continued our relationship but are extremely careful not to get caught. We never take any chances because we both still love our spouses and don't want to jeopardize our marriages. Our relationship is not unique. I now know many women who are happily married and have a similar relationship to their brother in law.

    In a way it kind of makes sense. You grow close to members of your family. You both have the family's best interest at heart, you both find something missing in your own marriage, and oddly enough it made me a better wife because i was not looking to my husband to give me something he could not. Before, I would nag him to be this way or that way and this led to friction in our marriage. Now I was better able to accept and love my husband for who he was not expecting to fulfill all of my needs. I don't nag him near as much and he in return is much more loving in return.

    Does this make it right? My marriage is better. I'm happier. I think the reason affairs are so badly viewed is that the ones we know about are the ones where someone got caught and it ruined a marriage. And probably in most of those cases, they took chances they shouldn't because the affair was with someone outside of the family. Think about it. How many affairs between someone and their in laws do you hear about? Hardly ever but they happening all the time. So for me, it is right. But everyone else's situation is unique. Good luck.
  • its a great feeling ya but nt accectable
  • Is this for real?

    Are you over 18? I'm curious because this is a self-serving, completley self absorbed, pathetic attempt to relieve your "guilt". You are in no way attempting to make things right; rather, you are justifying that being with your "soulmate" is more important than your children.

    It is clear that you do not respect yourself, your wife, or your SIL. Not to mention the "decent" guy who fathered her children, your nieces/nephews. And please don't forget to mention the bond between sisters, which is already destroyed by a sister who is as selfish as you.

    At this point, your marriage is already over, your wife's family is already destroyed, your "soulmates" marriage is over, and you have set in motion a lifetrime of family discord that can never fully recover from your bliss you have indulged in, w/ your soulmate.

    Each of you have demonstrated behavior that makes clear your priorities, which will no doubt lead to both pof you loosing custody of your respective children.

    Each of you will "reap what you sow", in that you have no respect for any members of your families; I can assure the saftey you feel in your secret today will surely end and all those you are carelessly disregarding today will never respect you again.

    Most unfortunant, your children and your "soulmates" children will grow up in this distorted reality, knowing that you choose this, they will gladly walk away from you as you have them.

    But not before years of damage, conflict, SHAME, and confusion- how will they introduce their cousins- or will it be step siblings? Aunt or stepmom-

    Just think, you are avoiding family gatherings now, becuase you can't be trusted not to fuck your SIL in the middle of a family dinner with your children, spouses, and inlaws at the table....SERIOUSLY.

    I imagine there will be no more 'gatherings" for you and your "soulmate', you have both traded in your families for your personal bliss. So the two of you can screw through the entire thanksgiving day parade and then pop in a tv dinner, and screw some more.

    That sounds blissful. But wait you have more to look forward will both, or maybe just your "soulmate', grow to hate one another. She will resent you for destroying her family and she (if she has a soul to be mated with) will grow to hate herself in a way that alters her very essence.

    She will hate herself for the life long pain inflicted on her children, her mom and dad, and of course her your wife, her best friend.

    Don't feel guilty about leaving your wife. She will have lost nothing with the two of you. She will never burden you with wanting to have sex again- ever-ever-she will never want anything from you but a signature, signing over all assessts, custody, and future earnings.

    You are free as a bird.

  • ahh bless you all read the fucking bible you traiters how can you marry someone then go and fuck another member of the familey your scum i hope god send s you to hell
  • yeah baby i likek that fuck em dirty scum bags
  • we all have our own two feet and it up to us what direction we walk! you get one shot at this life, so live it the way YOU want!
  • You should be ashame of yourself. I hope you will get caught. our relationship with your sister in law will end and you will be left with nothing. No sister in law to srew, no children. This is your future.
  • i also want to fuck my sister in law. becuase i am mad about her juicy big boobs.
  • Thank you so much for this important topic.

    I become so excited when I see my SIL. I love her body so much. She makes me so crazy.
    But I am not sure that she would not reject my trials.
    She is 22 and I am 38. Yesterday she was joking with me and touched my body by her fingers . And i was so excited again, but I controlled myself in order to make sure that she would accept my approach.
    She is so shy, straight and has no boyfriend. She wears always full dress and carefully covers her body unless she is alone in her room.
    I am so keen to kiss her and touch her body. I do not stipulate to fuck her, but at least to be close to her as much as possible.
    What do you suggest that I do to check her opinion?
    Please advise me and send me your opinion on my email.
  • I want to screw my sister in law as well.I don't know if its just lust or if it's more than feels like it is, but how can I know?
  • I really feel so sorry for you. I understand. We don't chose who we fall in love with but in this case, maybe you and your sister in law should just try to avoid hurting the family. Do it for the children, they will be the ones that suffer most.
  • I am so in love with my sister in law every day I wake up thinking of her.
    I wish I hated her but I can't stop. This has been going on for years.
    I want her so bad.
  • Been there. I waited until my bil and sister divorced, gave him a year then chased him. No one can say I broke their marriage up, that I did anything wrong, etc.

    My sister hates me, and always has so there is no love lost. Both our kids from other marriages were included in the relationship and both of them are old enough to appreciate that he is good to me ad I as I am him, and we were the other's favorite aunt/uncle.

    Now we just had our daughter and are getting married in a few months. Because of the way we have done it, the only person that is offended is my sister, but it is less about my ex bil and more about she cheated on him and lost a good life he provides.
  • Fucking sick bastards. Seriously? I feel sorry, you have no morals!
  • My sister in law Doreen often used to sit too close to me, pressing herself against me sometimes sitting directly opposite with her legs open and no panties on so I could see everything. I could not make up my mind if she was doing this accidentaly so I spoke to my wifes best friend who says, "I wouldn't trust Doreen, she always flirts with other wives husbands, then gets her jollies embarrassing them." Later at their New Years Eve Party Doreen was a bit drunk and flirty. She followed me outside and we started necking and I forgot myself, I got carried away and we had sex. I still feel so guilty and aviod her husband. I know I'm obsessed with her sexually now and now it is me forcing myself on her. I want her more than ever after each time we have sex. I want to stop but I cant help getting arroused whenever she is near she is so exciting to me. Is it the danger or did God make us males to procreate like animals wanting our species to survive and screw without morals. I try to aviod her but after a few weeks we will meet accidentally and I become worse than ever. I recently screwed her five times in one night after not meeting for a couple of months. This is driving me crazy. She gives in to my needs now only after much persuasion. She seems to want the flattery and attention but it's me wanting to screw her while she doesn't even seem to like me or want sex or respect me much at all. I have become her sort of slave to satisfy her vanity I think. Do you think she needs to feels some sort of power over her younger sister. She is not a nice person at all, and I feel caught in her web.
  • My siter-in-law is not allowing me to fuck her as I am a divorceee
  • WOW, I'm in the same position. I have very strong feeling for my SIL Sister-in-law too. The twist is her kids like being around me, more than her current husband ( not the birth father of the kids ). I get the feeling she want to be with with me too. But I been keeping quite about the whole thing. My SIL works for me in my business along side with her sister (my wife). I've afraid to open a Pandora's box.
  • You two should stop living a lie tell your spouses and be with each other. You only go around once. Who knows maybe those two are having an affair and are soulmates too.

  • fuck the shit out of her,fuck her in the ass without lube!
  • I too am very much in love with my sister-in-law who has been part of my life and my family for 24 years. She is 44 and I am 54, my children are all grown with children of thier own, she has one in high school and one in college. She is the wife of my wifes brother. The fact is that I have been very much in love with her for so long that in so many ways it hurts but in more ways then none it is so wonderful. She has never known my feelings until two days ago 4/15/2010. Over the years we have vacationed toghether with the family, family partys,weddings, cook outs ect. well you get the picture. We both work in the city so a few times a year we would meet for dinner after work, talk, enjoy each others company, work out marrital problems each of us were having, in short doing what best friends do. We know and respect each other so much, we have always had a very special relationship. As of late she has been having many problems with her husband who she caught having an affair which has been going on for three years and now has resulted in them getting seprated. And yes soon to be divorced. I was drawn into thier problems by her husband he has been trying to justify his cheating by hacking at his wife, he has been trying to get his sister my wife to approve of what he has been doing. The other night my sister in-law and I had dinner, she needed to talk and as she said "she needed her best friend". So we went to dinner and talked for hours, finally we put the cap on talking about her problems and she wanted to know how I was getting along with my wife, a situation that has been bad for years. My wife and I are like room mates and friends, fights abound, but we have stuck with it. Well I told her things were the same as always and she wanted to know what I was going to do. With that the flood gates opened and I totally confessed all of my inner feelings to her, she was very suprised. But not insulted or embarrased, I was afraid with the breakup of her marrage I would never be able to tell her. I have thought about all of the what ifs and such but I want to be with her. The negatives are few but where we go from here is unknow I don"t know yet what she really thinks it set her off balance but as she said she has lots to think about good and bad... The one good thing that has happend is that since I told her I feel so good about myself and free.
  • Dear,

    Simmilar situation is here in my life also, but sacrifies is main thing in life, My self and SIL was in love for 10 year but frien you will not belive there was no physical relation only and only pure love, we both were know that nothing is going to happen coz i was married to her elder sister, so we decided to become more than a friend but less than husbund wife relation \
  • Yup. I think this may be a function of many guys who also love their wives a lot, as well. If you like your bride, and their sister is close (georgraphically and in family relations), you can't help but feel close to them as well and be curious. Let's face it, guys eyes, hearts, and heads, tend to stray as a matter of course and genetic build. For some reason we are just are that way. Seeing and being around the woman who is related to and much like the one you married and is tough and feeling an attraction I think may be more common than many know. That's my take anyway, and I'm a guy, with multiple SIL's. Its best to try to figure out the reasons why these things happen to better understand it at a root level.
  • Listen: your mistake was NOT sleeping with your SIL. Your mistake was cheating on your wife.

    I am a younger man, a newlywed, in a similar situation, though with no children. I am coming to the realization that I am falling for, or have fallen some time ago, for my younger SIL.

    This does NOT meant I do not love my wife. This is my family we are talking about. I'm starting to realize that bedding my SIL might just be one of the greatest experiences of my life, but I REFUSE to get there by lying, by going behind my wife's back.

    I am lucky because my SIL is on the same page. We do not communicate directly, but we understand what's going on, and what the stakes are, here. We have our forms of non-verbal communication that let each other know how we feel (no, not THAT kind of non-verbal). This is her family, too. When I am old, I expect these two women to bury me. I do not want to give up my feelings on my SIL but if it's that or lose everything, I am prepared to sacrifice my feelings. Christ, my SIL stood as maid of honor at our wedding and I saw her face: you can't say she wasn't sacrificing something. I owe them BOTH to handle this right, or not at all.

    You don't love your wife. I feel sorry for you. My wife and I have our troubles, but she makes me very happy. We're best friends and I love her. I also love her sister passionately. I would die for them both -- and they're the only people I can say that of. And I have a responsibility to protect them from anything: even myself.

    What's more, even if I get them both and we are happy, I STILL lose them -- two women, one man? No: that's too much power given to me. My SIL deserves a wedding that I cannot give her. Even if I get her for a time, I will have to give her up and hope that the man she picks is someone my wife also thinks looks hot in a pair of jeans.

    As a fellow human, I hope things change for you. I hope they get better. You should have been braver. If my SIL is willing, we will test the waters with my wife someday years from now and if it will never be, then that's it -- I will never try again for anyone else. I don't want an open marriage: I want two wives (illegal and impossible, but that's how I feel). I'm sorry something like this was not in the cards for you. You were frightened and this is scary stuff. But if you can keep jealosy at bay, isn't the happiness worth it?

    Sex and desire are not the crimes, it's what you do to get them, and who you hurt. Remember that not cheating on your wife doesn't mean you will never have sex with someone else. It just means that if it happens, it's up to her.
  • Hello my friend
    The only advise that i can give you is:
    1. you should do a spousal swap if you can or...
    2. you should tell your sister in law to divorce her husband first in case she is evil and she wants only to destroy your marriage and if she does divorce,then the next step is your turnto divorce your wife then make it look like an accident that you guys hooked up and fall in love with each other and end of the story,every one is happy. P.S the best part if your wife has been also screwing your brother-inlaw while you are screwing your sister-inlaw and that you have no clue too. So as long as you guys both been doing it discretely, As the saying goes keep it in the family.
  • I also love with my S I L since my marriage but now her marriage has been fixed. I have affair with her for last 6 years. Now It 's very pain full for me but She also has to enjoy her life. as per my opinion we should not do like that. It will better for 2 families.
  • omg i cant believe that people do that. i have a sister and if my husband did that my heart would be broken and my sister would no longer be my family bc family dosent do that. but you cant get out of it and you lie everyday to your wife and thats not right she and her sisters husband should know about it. lies get u nowhere.
  • Yeah, nice one mate. Fuck your sister in law but it's okay because you feel bad about it. You are an Infantile fantasist. When you live with her and she is sick of washing your socks and she doesn't have the time to do her hair like you like and you can't trust her because , lets face it, she fucked her sisters husband so she is just always going to take what she wants and screw everyone else ... well then you will have the pleasure of knowing you lost a good woman and hurt your kids because your dick said you should.
  • i am in a similiar situation but i have never cheated with my sister in law.i have been strongly attracted to her for years.also my marriage has not been good for a long time,she had an affair 4 years ago.I guess my point is i would not fool around it is not worth it you can do to much damage.I am going to wait untill i am divorced.No children are involved.
  • One of my friends has developed intimacy with his sister in law. Once she insisted on seeing a movie with him. The film was a romantic one. They enjoyed the film a lot . Again they went to see a movie again. This time they got intimate. He made her sit in his lap as they were viewing movie from box of two persons. He touched her private parts which she agreed after some hesitations. After some time they developed sexual relations. Now he is mad in love with her. He has two children. His divorce and new marriage will rock the family. His wife , to is very much annoyed. She wants to file a case against him for adultery.
  • I wont hate on you for your feelings. It is a normal human emotion and negative comments are the soul reason people wont share them.

    I love my sister inlaw and after sharing a secret with oneanother than noone else knows about has mad it stronger than ever. She is dating a nice guy and I wont be the one to mess her relationship up mine is already at the end of its rope. My wife wants to be a cheater so bad she constantly brings up divorce so ill let her do her thing first.
    I only let my SL that if ever she needs me I am only a call away and I will be there for her and to never worry her secrets are safe with me. And I also told her that she will always have a place in my heart and she is verry pretty and sweet and can have anyone she wants but to choose wisely and left it at that.
    My emotions are strong but I controle them not them controle me and here is my philosophy " Fight depression with anger and anger with love for love conquors all."
  • Here goes. I unfortunately was the wife whose found out that the sister I was so close to was having an affair with my husband. My sister could not keep the secret to herself any longer. Unfortunately this secret once exposed destroyed many lives, including myself, our children, my parents and sadly my sister and husband feel nothing but bitterness towards each other. It seems that forbidden love was more attractive that the real thing. My young son, who previously had a very special relationship with his father, is so angry with him that I doubt if this relationship will ever mend. On the other hand, I as the wife have realised that through all this I have enormous strength and have had the most wonderful friends who support me. The recently gave me a frame with the words "Friends are the sisters you choose". I no longer speak to my sister or my husband, but as I mentioned sadly they do not speak to each other at all. In fact my sister has been alienated by her family and friends who found her behaviour unacceptable and of course her friends are now worried about having her around their husbands. So I do believe in kama, you make your bed and you lie in it! Somehow in the end you will be paying for your actions.
  • wow, i didnt know so many people were in this dilemma. i too love my sil. at first i thought it was just lust, but after she moved to another town, and i didnt get to see her very often, i realized it was more than lust. although nothing sexual has happened between us, we both know how each other feels without saying so. so to the original poster of this i feel your pain. good luck to you because noone has control over their emotions but we do have control over our actions. i know me and my sil cannot be together in this lifetime, but i hope a merciful higher power grants me the opportunity in our next lives
  • Toooo loooong
  • Dude u re playing wit fire. I will bet my last Euro that u will ruin the lives oof the innocent young ones and the woman who gave them to u. Try it somewhere else but pleeeeeeesssssseeeee not with the SIL. If u ar religious find salvation by going back to God for strenght and inner reflection.
  • I am like you breezy too
  • I fucked my sister in law twice in one day . She wanted me to stay the nite but I could not. Now she will talk or see me . Why .
  • What a stupid thread, you've already ruined your marriage. Your wife deserves to know what a low life you really are, she deserves to know that her sister is a back stabber. The kids deserve to know that their father is a piece of dung. Don't drag it out admit to her like you've admitted to all these strangers. Let her get on with her life and maybe even meet a real man.
  • First of all what kind of sister is comes first...flirting I believe is a natural thing but not because someone flirts it means they want you...and why don't you think about ur family speciallt ur kids and the damage that this can cause in their relationships when they grow up. This is pure lust and u oviously do not deserve ur wife
  • Take it to Jerry springer...Jerry Jerry Jerry !!!
  • Just run away together... U only live once and selfish.and unfair but happiness is hard to come by. Everyone will carry on with their lives. Ur wife would hurt but u can't keep.lying and hurting the two of you. Just my two cents
  • O SHIT GO FOR IT you drother inlaw is doing your wife too ur not that sly they know!
  • oh plz stop this guys cheating ur wife s like pushing her 2 hell stop fucking and just love ur family and c the change . sex s not everything its a act thats it.
  • You feel guilty because people influenced by stupid religion has defined a set of morals that goes against you in this. Sex is great, and this is jus a great opportunity you should not let go. However, in your best interest around this society, as sadly it is, keep it secret and keep it just like sex, clear your feelings. Eventually and naturally time and events will lead you a permanent resolution, but now enjoy and screw your wife and then screw your in law without any guilt and perhaps more passion. It is the dream of any true free thinking person. Eventually you may even grew tired and let your in law go, or your wife. Just be smart and keep it secret, writting this in Internet is not smart, you could be cought just like that.
  • what you need to do is get her husband and your wife to fall in love then maybe they'll do it for you...
    jokes but seriously thats out of order to your wife and children if you went off with her, stay with your wife, if its easier think about the bad things about her and the good things about your wife.
  • In this fast paced life sister in law is like a friend philosopher and guide. Intimacy and outing with her should not be looked down upon. In turn she also gets a good friend in brother in law.
  • I under stand im n love wit a man who was wit my older sister wen i was a kid and now im grown we had a freindship that turned into a realtionship i feel bad but she is married to another man and i love this guy jus dont kno how to break the news
  • What a bxxxx her sister is.... no respect
  • i am having an affair with my sister in law. i love her so much & she loves me. when we are together we have such a good time. her husband my brother treats her like shit & makes her feel un loved. She is unhappy with him. he forced her to marry him last year. which i told her not to do but she thought by doing that things would get better. me & her have been having an affair for almost 3 years. where at the point where we take breaks from each other,but that just brings us back stronger then ever. she lives with my parents & every time we are alone togehter we cant get enough of one another, i wish things were diff where we wouldnt be in this situation but we love each other & are Happy.
  • stop u foolish man stay with your wife chubby
  • I am the Sister-in-law! I LOVE YOU my dearest Brother-in-law.I need to tell you that for me this is not over. It will never be over with you. YOU are my one and only...and vice versa...this is the opitamy of soulmates. I now how you feel without any words between us! If you do go away...I will take my time to heal from the things he did to me and I will wait for you to heal from your pain as well. You are MY rock! You know this is worth it...I know this is worth it! My everything aches just to be beside you, holding your hand, touching your face, feeling our breaths together. Being in your arms is my HEAVEN! I know you dont want to hurt them but our happineess is important too...everything else WILL fall into place. I will always love you with every fiber of my being and my heart will never be complete without you in my life....THIS IS my promise to you forever! NO REGRETS! NO WORRIES! Just come back were you BELONG when your ready! I am filing for divorce this week because of the things he did to me. Not because of my feelings for you! I am making strides in the right direction for myself....straight towards you!
  • To my brother-inlaw T I love you with all my heart and every fiber of my being! Do NOT take the advice of others! Everyone I tell our situation to thinks that is COULD work only YOU dont want it to because your affraid to hurt them! STOP! Nothing in your life can trully be happy unless you are. If you never revisit this or tell me you love me then I will NEVER be complete. You are my ONE and only, true love in its rarest form. Only god knows why you and I were drawn together by nature like polarized magnets. It will probably kill me to see you walk out of mine and my childrens life. I know all of your concerns and they are all valid but you made me feel whole and now I am empty because I cant talk to you or touch your handsome face. I am lost with out you in my world! I love YOU and I fear no other man could ever make me feel the way you do. It feels wrong NOT to be with you. Just know, I will wait for you. I will not just find someone like you because it will only be HUGE dissapointment if it isn't your face I am waking up to every morning for the rest of my life. Nothing is right without you there! Stop listening to people who can only themselves get into meaningless relationships and use people. THIS is REAL!
  • I love to fuck my sil since 10 years.i can drink her piss and insert tounge into her asshole also
  • Very interesting thread; thanks everyone for their contributions. I am very attracted to my SIL (my wife's younger sister) as well. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately...) we only see each other once every few months. Nothing has happened so far, but we flirt a lot; she massages my shoulders, sits very close to me, holds hands in the back of a dark car. I staid over at her place recently, as I was in town for business. After she laid in bed, she asked me to come over to turn off her light; I sat on her bed, we talked for a little bit, she found excuses to touch my shirt and I gave her a hug goodnight before going back to the couch. My marriage is pretty bad, but I want to try working on it as I want to do what's best for our children. My wife and I hardly have sex anymore, but I fantasize a lot about my SIL. If I can be reasonably sure that it doesn't come out, I would love to follow my animal spirits and please my SIL.
  • 4BLItJ Well, actually, a lot of what you write is not quite true !... well, okay, it does not matter:DD
  • don't be greedy you made your choicethe other girl is someone elses wife disaple your self sorry but this can only lead to big problems for you both think about what you will lose wife and more importanly your kidds
    and the termoil it is gonna case even if she the other girl wants it
  • this is pathetic, the men are scum they dont even have the balls to leave thier wives there so pathtic, i bet they think thier wonderful husbands and fathers ....DILUSIONAL!!!!
  • I know this is the least realistic answer but you obviously adore this woman and love her with your an entire heart. It would be easier and better for everyone else to never leave your wife but what about you and what about her? You're convinced that you two are soul mates therefore you belong together. Why should you spend the rest of your life miserable? And I do not think that you are a coward because all you did was follow your heart and it brought you to her. This is your life and absolutely your choice but you only live once, live it the way you want to otherwise a future of regret is ahead of you.
  • Guy always find a way to break the hearts of the woman who loves them so much. The pain of betrayal is so strong that you wouldn't think such pain existed. Don't hurt the one you love for a temporary moment of excitement.
  • I have been thinking about my sister in law for a while, even though I am just realizing it. My wife and her family were not on speaking terms for about a year. Her sister and I kept in touch. At first a couple of calls and emails. A little while ago we met up for drinks, agreeing not to tell my wife or their parents. We had lots of fun and have met up a couple of times since. Due to circumstance my wife had to go to her mother due to a family emergency. I took my wife to the airport and invited my sister in law so that they could speak briefly. That night my sister in law asked me if I would stay with her for a little while. So I ended up staying until 330am, for around 4 hours. She was really appreciative and said I should stay so I would be out so late and leave in the morning. I wanted to so Bad but declined. That was a wednesday, on friday I invited her for dinner since I knew she would be a little down and I wanted to see her too. She came over, and stayed the whole weekend. She slept on the couch, I slept on the floor, nothing happened. I told her I hadn't had such a nice weekend in a while. She agreed, sunday night she had to go home but, didn't want to but had to get clothes and go to workso she left. As soon as she got home she texted me that she had an swesome time and that I should have a great week. ANd all that weekend, their were flirts, she would brush up against me as I cooked us breakfast. We would lie on the couch and "accidently" touch ones leg or arm, leave it for a minute and say oops sorry I didn't know that was you. AS some readers say, I wish I had married the sister, LOL. Sounds funny but some of us seem to think this way, sincerely. My wife was unfaithful once, and my sister in law helped me out through it, I am none as being Stoic but couldn't always keep up that facade. Some of the best conversations aI have had in my life have been with my sis in law. Our eyes meet alot but we don't shun away from it, we actually like it. One thing I have always wondered, is that we have never hugged, ever. We have tried playfully but there is something that prevents us from doing so. I don't know if it is some sexual tension or what but it is very hard. I am afraid if we do hug that might make things easier for something else to happen. Also I don't know If I am reading her correctly as well. Maybe I want to believe she is into me, but who knows. I talked to someone about this and said that she is probably thinking like i am. That there is no way we will get away with this, and he is probably right, but even still wouldn;t it be worth it if in the end it is meant to be and just happens. Luckily my wife and I don't have any kids, and well I would have my families support. She emails me and I respond also. I think we are both just thinking and thinking and are afraid to open our Pandora's Box. One of the reasons I didn't leave my wife, was because I didn't want to lose my sis in law. I know it;s messed up, but that is how I felt and still feel. I don't know what would or will happen if this goes down. Luckily she lives in another state, not so luckily it is only 25 min away. Why is it so wrong that this could happen? And I am not really looking for a religous response, because quite frankly I think they are more f**ked up than me. So if you are gonna respond with verses and what would JC do? Please don't. I am looking for a voice and it isn't the one you hear. THat was good for venting, who knows if I will find this site again but thanks for reading. Sorry if there are grammatical errors don't feel like checking. Godspeed!!! LOL
  • My wife and I have been married for many years and my wifes best friend was divorced a few years back. My wife has been strongly hinting that me and her friend should move closer and even suggested that I take her friend on a business trip with me. I am trying to figure out why she is seemingly trying to get me to have sex with her. I have asked my wife and she says that "Debby" is like a sister to her and she would like all three of us to live together and I would have two wives. I am begining to wonder if they are bisexual or something. She contends that they both will be there for me when I need sex and there will be no jealousy. Debby is a nice looking woman who seems to be all for it if I would agree. I have heard that many women like the idea of polygamy but I never dreamed it would affect me!
  • I think that everyone is weak at some point or another but we have to overcome those temptations. I think that if we give into this ill feelings a lot of people we'll get hurt. What makes it interesting exiting? it is the thrill of the forbidden, the desire to go through with it, is like right before an orgasm but once that no longer is forbidden. It is just complete emptiness, sadness and pain. People should not do things that would hurt other people. No one can be happy over someone else's unhappiness. If you are reading this be strong and don't go through with it, clear your head think with your head not your emotions. Think of your family!!, how would you like it if your spouse would be doing this to you with the person that you trusted the most with the person you grew up with?. What would you do if your wife would only be thinking about having sex with your brother!! be real and don't make stupid mistakes. Break it off and move away!!
  • I think you,your wife,her sister and her husband should get together and talk about switching partners.
    Maybe your wife and he have feelings for each other also
  • ure such a dumb fuck! how cud u? ure wife probly hooked up wit u wen u were nothing more than a 2-bit begger- n now u thk u got some doe n u wanta go spend it on sum 2-bit hoe that needs 2 b on the street corner- ure such a dumb ass! God gave u the most wonderful being on a silver platter n this is how u wanna pay HIM bac???? thers no furry worse than GODS furry- get ready for the worst time of ur life (cut short by at least 20 yrs). im a woman n ive been livin a lie for the past 11yrs- ive been thru at least 15 housemaids n my so-calld 'soulmate' has fuckd every single 1ve them- do u thk i cud ever 4give him or wish him well? too late! n by the time his kids r old enough to understand, i will tell them and u know where thgs will lead from there... i have had many options- n trust me, torturing him to death has always won hands down on my list-but ive been tryg as much as possible to stick to my Christianity and keep my testimony- it hasnt been easy coz wot he's done is beyond pardon in a marriage-
    to give some1 ur all n only 2 have it thrown out the window....................
    honestly, do u thk u cud do n get away scott free?- FYI.... hell no u cant!
  • I hope the ORIGINAL POSTER reads this:
    My brother in law- married to my sister, whom both were was my best friends...they have been married 12 years..Ive known him since day 1 in their relationship so I've always been close to him like a older brother. Nothing weird. My husband and I, After living away from them for 6 years & then moving near them 8 mos prior, Recently, told me he had feelings for ME, while confessing he wasn't attracted to my sister. All in text. Sober. I am married, as happy as a broke newly moved, 3x across the country in a year...our dad just passed away 2 years ago, have a 6 month old & a 2 year old couple can be ;) but not in any ways looking for live elsewhere just stressful life. Im not flirty to him, never have been. So I didn't respond to the "I love you, I always have. I'll get over it. Sorry" (that's the text he sent me?! His sister!! His wives sister! They have 2 kids! I do too! I'm married. He doesn't love me, he just isn't in love with her:(...and then told my sister that she needed to talk to her husband that night. For respect for them both. :( figured hes tell her, knowing i was gonna! But like a coward, he delays. I tell him the next day to talk to her and to make things right. He did and broke her heart, although didn't address the feelings for me....just his feelings towards her. She is overweight. Has been losing weight steadily from 350 down to now Im sure around 200...will prob lose it all. The old traditional way, working out and going vegan?! Lol whatever. He gave up meat and lost 100lbs does p90x and got a land rover; lol. Idk they are highschool sweethearts and have "only been with one another" so my sister feels it's a matchmade in 18 year old married girls heaven! Lol now she is 30 and he treats her horribly acts like a child, throws tantrums when she doesn't buy him things he wants (he used to not have his own car. Or a job. So she bought and took him everywhere) he is the same age. I know I am ranting, there is zero correct grammar or punctuation. I have just been the bigger person in such a horrible situation and am trying to say. I wish that fuc*er would have never wrote me that text. Some things and feelings just stay in those secret boxes. Be a big man. Come on. Shame on you both. Taboo. If it was meant to be show both the spouses some respect. Can't reverse now though?! It ruined my relationship with my sister when I let her see the texts and she and I tried to work thru it but he turned on me once knowing I told my husband and my sister the truth. Told awful lies about my family to turn them against me?! :( I have no reason to lie to strangers. This is all truth. We had to move out of the state to avoid him?! (we lived on an island... Was a pretty dramatic move with a dog, a 6 mo ok'd & a 2 year old. Had to leave my family with no good byes :( my heart still hurts. It was all very violent and verbally unhealthy for my children. We used to be a regular family, my dad, before he passed away would have never allowed this. That first bad text of his I would have called my dad, and boom, this would have been shut down. :( KARMA will get my BIL :( and my poor sister will be the too oblivious and ignorant victim....sorry bout it!
  • Please stop with the guilt trip and stop feeling sorry for yourself your wife has probably cheated on you too already and you don't even know it.
  • Wow!its amazing the number of bastards that live on earth.You all sister-in-law fuckers are sick and need help!!what makes you all so attracted to them??wasnt it what 1st got u and ur wives going??are u sure that after marrying her,u wont go off and fuck some other lady??sick!!sickko!!SICKKOS!!
  • i think do what ur hearts really wants its going 2 be hard for every one but at the end its u who is going 2 take things in ur hand not me or this other people but do think about ur children before u take a step its the kids who go through hell in all this so pls before u take a step just think about ur kids
  • i had an affair with my brother in law. as in his wife is my sister. i was 16 he was in his twenties and he had two kids with her. we got found out and as amazing as it was when we were together for that time it wasnt worth the blow up at the end. so many people were hurt and i lost so much. i lost a sister, two beautiful children and then i even lost him. he told me he loved me everyday but now that im out of that 'relationship' i can see how naive we both were, it was infatuation and we were both just lost in it. thats probably all it is. infatuation. what we had did include sex but it was also about being together, we talked and had so much in common, we understood each other and i was thee for him when they were having an argument, he trusted me and i trusted him which made me think it was love but even if it is a relationship not just sex it isnt real. its a fantasy. youll never know if it IS real because its never a setting where your not married and shes not your wives sister. and its not worth risking ending with your wife beforehand and then HOPING shell want to be with you and HOPING it will work out. so if you are with your sister in law dont expect it to be anything more than an affair because even if you do divorce and be together the stress and guilt of the hurt youve caused will put strain on your new relationship. how could you trust each other knowing the other was capable of doing what you have done? its a messed up situation and i know that. i have fucked my life up in the same one. it is forever going to be who i am. a dirty little whore who betrayed her sister.
  • Seriously, only way out of this is to HAVE SEX with her :D
  • I too am in love with my sister-in-law. That is why i Googled this particular topic to begin with. I've been fighting with myself internally over it. The fact that I love my Sister in law more than i love my wife. My wife and I have been married for more than 8 years now, and for the past 9 or 10 years i've been in love with her sister. I suppose you're thinking that i should have just married her sister instead. But that wasnt an option. I got married at 19 and at that time her sister was only 13. I'm not going to get into the story but my point is, regardless of how you may feel about her, it's wrong to cheat. Thats why i never have. Unfortunately, because I love my sister in law, I'm not really all that attracted to my wife, we've been married for more than 8 years but we've only had sex (maybe) 10 times. I feel like since i cant be with the one i love most then i dont want to be with anyone at all. But it would hurt my wife too much to just devorse her. besides, it's not like I would gain anything from it anyway. I'm in love with her sister, her sister isnt in love with me. this is completely one sides (i assume). I havent asked her and i have no right to do so. so i wont.
  • We are on the same happilly married with two kids but still adore my wife sister..i dont think she know it til yesterday..i just couldnt bite my tongue anymore...i said that i love her! life is in her hand now...damn it! Oh well...
  • Things are going wiled
    Trojan Various comes along with valid documents so as my SIL, that’s what I call her. I cant resist her, just one night is what it took us to communicate like I’vent been with my wife and like she havnt been with her boyfriend.
    From that moment on, its been more than 2 years, she never meant anything more to me than booty, piece of ass and pussy, though I have creasy lust for her, I think like am suppose to, that I’ve too much in my hand to loss while she got noting at all. So I resist, but these days, she came in pajamas only and use to kiss my neck and nibble my ears and giving me every cue not a man but a dick could ever ask for to fuck.
    How long am I suppose to not do it, what do you suggest I do…..
  • This is why the women's movement is so strong! The US women's movement has resulted in the US government spending trillions of our tax dollars to spread it overseas, sacrificed 10's of 1000's of men's lives (in war and suicide), and destroyed the covenant of marriage. Nice job! Every man on here that has posted that he is in "love" with his sister- in -law is a victim of the womem's movement. Women's non-verbal gestures (looking down and away from a man. etc..) , vulnerability, and mystique draw men to them and they like it! There is either 1 of 2 solutions.

    1. Abolish every "woman's right" since 1950 and re-educate our children. -or-

    2. Don't get married. Sleep with whomever you choose, including your mate's siblings.

    Either way- STOP LYING!

    GUYS!!! - Listen!!= If you catch your "wife" looking down and away when another man approaches her, --- she is attracted to him! He knows it too! You know it too (that's why you want her sister!= Maybe she will will show you some respect)! Because when a chick responds to you like that- you know she's interested in you. But, you are too politically correct and indoctrinated by the women's movement to openly admit it or confront your wife when she does it to another guy. It's a stupid game. However, let's get to the truth- shall we?

    Most women, including your wives, will not actually go through with their seduction and sleep with the guy. That's their trump card and it allows them to sleep with some respect for themselves at night. However, they know they got to you and you will be thinking about it. It's a game to them!!

    I know, I know! I don't know what I am talking about. Some of you are too moral and I am an extremist. WAKE UP!!

    Email me if you agree. Please don't email me and waste my time if you disagree. I don't care about your politically correct ideology. Men are getting played in this country. I guarantee that most men wouldn't be digging on their sister- in - laws if their wives' showed them respect, and their sister-in-laws didn't play into the man's desire to sleep with anything with a hole (along as it isn't part of another man's or animal's anatomy). I hope to hear from some of my fellow brothers.
  • i believe the source of true love is GOD. And God said "Do not commit adultery" and "what God has put together, let no man put asunder." That is why I also believe that what you are feeling for your sister-in-law is not true love but lust and infatuation because GOD would never give you love for another woman aside from your wife. You are mistaken that you love her.
  • I am the SIL and my bro in law confessed his feeling abt 8yrs ago. And I still hate him for that. How could he?? I really just dont understand. But after reading this...I guess I understand his feelings but i hate him for doing that to my sister. I was their bridesmaid!! and he still scares me till now.
  • loving another women during the existence of your marriage is very natural although may not be legal ..... it is very natural so please do not fee guilty .... forget about the hypocritical world... and do what your heart says...all the best buddy...
  • You were really cute dad. I like to see pcieurts of my pretty young grandma. She always seemed happy, even if she were living in a trailer house for a few months.
  • What a fucking coward saying you were trying to push your wife into an affair so you could just split up and have a clear head and not feel guilty just glad her sister told her before she was tempted you arsehole you will never be a man always a coward and for the hoe of a sister she deserves everything she got losing her family and friends hope you were worth it but seeing as the two of you don't talk anymore after she outted the affair she wasn't all just pure fantasy and what a role model you are to your children hope she was worth losing your family over you have no morals the pair of you my sisters would never do what she did and I would never do that to them because blood is thicker than water. As I said before you're a coward and will always be a coward and the sister in law will always be a cheap tart who lost everything real nice hope it was all worth it.... NOT

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