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  • You got a big ass problem because it does matter about the size. And i don't think you will ever be able to get over that shit no time soon. All you have to do is pray that some girl comes along and like you for you and not worry about how big your dick is ya-know.
  • If u have a small dick than just get plastic surgery or something don't cry about it take action.
  • if u know how to work it and u got females moaning when your having sex then dont be worried just work what you got to the best of your ablity....Dont Be Ashamed.......You Got What You Got For A Reason....So Handle Yours
  • God bless you boo! Someone will come along and that will appreciate your gift. Dont worry and dont be ashamed....Explain your problem before you begin to feel sexually connected to a woman and go from there.
  • Don't worry, I'm not endowed with a large one either, but if it felt any better, or worked more efficiently. I'd be broke. Five children, fourteen grand children, two great grand cjhilldren.........
    Use it correctly and for her pleasure and she'll respond!!!!!Still works fine at 84 grmps
  • Man if the girl really loves you for you then penis size should'nt matter. If you are with a girl that just wants to get you in the bedroom then you know she is gonna want someone who is packing, but if you have a girl that loves being with you, cuddling, long conversations, walk in the park type.....then that shouldnt be much of an issue. And to let you know some men with BIG DICKS smetimes cant do all the things that those can with a smaller package
  • Size doesn't matter - yes, I'm a woman and I have several children! If a woman wasn't allowing every Tom, Faheem, and Pookie enjoy her, her vagina wouldn't be worn out and in need of the virtually nonexistant 10 inches. The vagina is a muscle, if it is properly cared for (meaning stop having a new visitor every other day), and she does kegels to keep them well toned (she should exercising in general), she will be able to enjoy any sized penis. I've asked several times, but how is it possible for us to recieve pleasure from a man fingering us and wear tampons w/out them falling out of our vaginas, if size truly matters. If a woman is loose, she just needs to admit the problem lies with her, not the man.
  • I dont know why you guys put in your head that having a big penis is the best, and that it satisfies the woman probably does but it does'nt matter. God gave you a smaller penis than others for a reason.Be proud of how God created you. Your penis may be a little small, but it all depends on if you know how to work it. Big things come in small packages
  • Look, there are always parts of our bodies that we don't like. Yours happens to be your penis. It's true that women can accommodate all sizes and shapes of penises and bigger penises feel fantastic but the small ones have their purpose too.
  • No woman likes a man that isn't confident, this does not mean lie about how big or small it is be your self and if she really cares about you and your feelings then she really won't care unless you really can't work it with your Package
  • I think you are worried about the wrong thing, if you are pleasing you woman why worry about size. What size are a small one. I mean in inches, let a girl know.
  • don't worry about it hun as long as u can worked you are ok in the game.:-)

  • Since YOU are the one who seems overly concerned about it, I don't know that you will be able to get over it.

    I'm speaking from experience when I say that size did not matter in the instances when I made love to a man.

    In my years of being in relationships, I've had men who were "large" and I've had men who were
    "smaller," but I wasn't automoatically satisfied and more into the ones who were of a bigger size.

    If a man knows what to do with what he has, he can satisfy a woman and keep her wanting more. You can ask her what she likes or how she is able to
    "feel" it better.

    Also, you can stimulate her with your fingers or by performing oral sex on her, if that's something both of you are comfortable with. There's more ways to get a woman to have an orgasm than penetrating her with your penis.

    * I hope it's okay that I said all of that. I didn't know of any other way to put it. *

    ~ SL ~

  • 1) Learn to eat p@ssy really, really well

    2) Make sure you can last at least 15 minutes

    3) Make sure you are always very clean - fresh breath, deoderant, clean balls and ass

    4) Be sure to have a great personality - you can't afford to be an asshole any more than a stripper can afford to have cellulite

    5) Don't ask a woman if she thinks you are small, you already know the answer and you don't need to show her that you are insecure about it, even if you are

    6) There's a doctor in New York named Dr. Whitehead who's doing new things with plastic surgery - look him up on the internet and look at the before and after photos on his site
  • I think people should be honest and honestly for many women size does matter, just like when a woman is overweight or has no breasts....does anyone opt for that? NO....but sometimes people fall in love and they overlook the flaws...all of us have them. So I said all that to say that you will find a woman who loves you for you....but....yes size is a factor....people let's not kid ourselves.
    I haven't been around the block but I wouldn't just sign up for a man with a small penis.
  • I didnt think a small penis could satisfy me until I meet a man who was so sweet to me. the way he treated me was like constant love making so when we got to the bed room it was even more wonderful.
  • LOL
    *** i like these 6 suggestions posted earlier***

    1) Learn to eat p@ssy really, really well

    2) Make sure you can last at least 15 minutes

    3) Make sure you are always very clean - fresh breath, deoderant, clean balls and ass

    4) Be sure to have a great personality - you can't afford to be an asshole any more than a stripper can afford to have cellulite

    5) Don't ask a woman if she thinks you are small, you already know the answer and you don't need to show her that you are insecure about it, even if you are

    6) There's a doctor in New York named Dr. Whitehead who's doing new things with plastic surgery - look him up on the internet and look at the before and after photos on his site

  • Just call me little buddy and i will come over and turn the lights off and step in your place...when i'm done, she will be in love with you.
  • My ex had a small panis too. But he could lick a cl@t into orgasm heaven! And he's proof size doesn't really matter, because I had to cut him loose. Little prick wouldn't keep it in his pants. If you're strong and can work hard... you gonna be alright. Especially if you find someone who isn't selfish. Hell, there are some men with big penis' that are as useless with them, as glasses on a blind person. Good luck

    someone who once knew a small penis

  • i say don't worry about it.The woman that falls in love with you will love you unconditionally. Besides when yall get married shes marrying you not your penis.
  • girl prefer small size or large size panis. some may go with smalller but majority opt for what?
  • Some say size matters but if you find other ways to satify a lady it won't be as noticable. Use your imagination. I find that it works.
  • most women dont reach orgasm from penis thrusting into the vagina anyway. most reach it from oral sex and stimulating the clitoris! (you learn a lot from talk sex with sue)
  • fine a woman with a small vagina!!!!!!!!
    She won't care....
  • i'm a rather average brother myself, 6 inches but I've learned its about tryin different positions. Cause tha slightest twist or turn can put you in tha same spot as a much bigger one if u know how to move it. Also men need to learn that a woman's sex drive is 80% mental, 10% want, 10% physical. If u woo her mind tha body is sure to follow and it don't matter how big ur soldier is. Believe after i learned this simple fact my rep went thorgh tha roof.
  • find a petite female or a virgin or both
  • as you tap that pussy stimulate the clit man nice and soft...find the perfect pace, you know feel the female, caress her
  • my hubby is 5 1/2 inches and he knows how to use his . but most important is his love for his family dick size does not matter when he treats me like a queen and his kids like royalty
  • Women like it big, but small ones are funny and make us laught... well if you're small you can still use a dildo
  • In my own personal opinion small is better! My ex was very well hung but i never got to the climaxing stage because i was always uncomfy, it felt like it was hitting my organs...i used to think thank god hes fast cause i just want this over! But my new boyfriend is a large guy with a smaller package and he can hit spots i never knew were there, its not just some thing thrusting in and out its like amazing...cause he trys harder cause he feels like he has to make up for size, also found out with my "small" man i can most deffinatly climax!!!!! =)
  • Im happy 6 inch penis n a wife what more shud i say
  • i know whatcha mean man, i'm 5"x6" and i feel like my shit is little. that's why i'm bout to invest in some enzyte. since every brawd on da planet wants porn star status dick.....
  • my a boyfriend with a 4.5'' penis but it still satisfies me and i love to play with probs for me!
  • size doesn't matter-you're dealing with muscle. if you're involved with one person your body adjusts to the size of the penis. so if your penis is small you need to stick to one somebody so that she can adjust to you and pray she doesn't cheat. otherwise you'll be floating around in everybodys watering holes..
  • In my opinion some information is not absolutely true, but in general very good site.
  • my penis size only 4.5".&i m unmarried.from bangladesh.when my penis hot this is very strong.can i able sex satisfactory with my wife?pls help u any suggetion.
  • While keeping track of your business's finances may seem overwhelming, it's not that hard when you know the basics of accounting and bookkeeping.
  • what is the right size to enjoy
  • i am unmarried my panis size is 6" i much time takes during fuck.
  • i have a 3 inch penis and it gets about 5 1/2 when errect im uncircumsized and im a virgin and im scared to have sex because i dont know what the reaction is going to be
  • some of you really know how to encourage these guy don't you!
  • Grow up b happy with what u got and besides its not how deep u fish its how u wiggle the worm
  • i have 1 inch penis and it get about 2 inch when errect i m 40 years old
  • To VERY FEW women, size doesn't matter much. MUCH. However, to MOST WOMEN, and I mean the vast majority -like 90% , SIZE DOES MATTER. Size matters to the women who look "hot" and can "afford" (by their looks, to get anyone they want) to have ANY guy they want. Come on, guys, admit it to ourselves... IF you have had sex with at least a FEW women, you KNOW that not every woman's vagina feels the same... Some are tighter than others -and to be truthful, a TIGHT vagina feels THE BEST.

    Guys have a cock, it sticks out to be enveloped by a vagina. SO, pretty much ANY vagina will "feel pretty damn good". Now, a woman has a guys penis sticking in her...... If it is small, and it barely causes her vagina to "stretch" and accomodate the penis..... Well, that penis is just not going to satisfy THE SAME A LARGE PENIS WOULD. However, a LARGE penis, one that stretches and FILLS a girls vagina will allow pleasure and the girl will FEEL full and how the penis touches all over inside her. Now with this being said, I am NOT saying a HUGE penis is "better" as being "too large" will probably cause pain.

    Guys.... Face it. Even if the girl would FEEL a smaller penis if she were to have sex with it, she may be "turned off" by it JUST because she THINKS she has to have a BIG penis and nothing else will satisfy her.
    I have been the victim of a couple women NOT being satisfied with my penis. I have had at least ONE leave me for a larger dicked guy. I have had women who truly seemed to get off with my cock, and sex was fantastic....... But make NO mistake: SIZE MATTERS. For instance: I was having sex with a girl and I was as hard as I have ever been. She commented that I was "bigger" than normal and it felt SO MUCH BETTER.... She was TRULY enjoying the "larger" size of my penis...... AND she was a girl who made NO secret of the fact she HAD to have and WANTED a large penis on her guy -said small penis's do NOTHING for her -and while she was NOT really tight, she was NOT so loose you couldn't feel her.

    Sadly, yes, size matters, Just to some more than others. And no, ladies and gentleman, JUST because a guy is "buff" and slim or muscular does it automatically mean he has a bigger penis.... AND it does NOT mean a fatter or shorter guy has a SMALLER penis........ But it DOES mean women should not be so shallow and just trash a guy because his penis isn't XXL. What crap.
  • iwill tell u my boyfriend isnt the biggest i say hes a bit above average but he says its small but it fills me i feel it just well and its the best sexi ever had with anyone in my life and i think the sex made me fall in love with him and we still are going stronger than ever everytime with him feels like the first time and i have had a few different sizes i started young and at one point in my life that im not proud of i got around until i met my first serious boyfriend and his penis was a bit bigger than my bf now but the sex wasnt half as good and i had 3 kids with him and had a guy with a small penis and was able to get off quite fine #1 to me size dont matter its how they work it #2 if he cant workit try and maek him feel good about him self but also maybe teach him few things and give him a chance to improve his self open him up to new things maybe bring out the freaky side of him i know i love a freak personally i would rather have a smaller dont hurt that bad first going in the for anal woot woot but ladies if ur man cant do it right show him a little sumfin sumfin and until he picks up do it all by yourself cause behind good sex theres a woman
  • i also have a small one with 4# max.size . i m not married yet n have not sex with any girl so i do not know what will b the result,but i still feel that my panis is so small .
  • i'm 18 and a college freshman. my penis is over 8 inches and thick-6 inches around, and i'm a white guy. i had sex with one coed and she told a couple of other girls and the rumor spread all over campus. one girl told me she had an orgasm just by staring at it! another one had such an intense orgasm that she blacked out. maybe my case is special, i don't know.

    August 13, 2007
  • i got a small d!ck and ill tell ya somethin, while im not a virgin, i wish every guy could have a small penis for a day to show em how it feels to be so damned depressed over it, it really does take it out of ya, it makes it very hard to find girls.
  • My new boyfriend is 3 inches errect and im afraid i wont feel him during sex. We havent had sex yet. He is a great guy, good hearted,loyal,funny and we really care for one another.

    I have never had sex with anyone with a small penis before, i have had afew boyfriends and they were average 5 inches or so. I dont care what seize my boyfriends penis is once i can feel him. I enjoy sex so i wouldnt be able to stay in a relationship if the sex didnt work out right. I pray i can feel him during sex as i dont want us to break up because the sex doesnt work that would be lousy as with everything else we are ok and we love each other. We are planning on having sex soon so heres hoping.

    To me seize doesnt matter as long as i can feel my partner and enjoy sex. By the way my boyfriend is a virgin so he doesnt have any moves or confidence but we can work on that but hopefuly if i can feel him all will be ok.

    August 20, 2007
  • Although a small penis can be really nice, a really really small (and/or soft) penis can be truly unsatisfying. Sex is biological need as far as I am concerned, and I need to feel a penis on my G-spot to make me cum. Oral sex is not enough to satisfy me. I don't need 8 inches, but 4 inches is not enough to do the job. Many women don't have orgasms during intercourse so maybe they don't care, but I definately do.

    Or maybet that is why many women don't have orgasms during intercourse?? Whatever the case, I have had to deal with this situation when someone I cared about turned out to have a penis the size and softness of 1/2 of a raw Oscar Meyer hot dog. I just cannot be with him, I am willing to admit. He deserves to be with someone who would be happy with him. A huge cock is not necessary, but a tiny or soft one can be a relationship killer. And someone got it right when they said 10% of women don't care about size, but the 90% that I know do care.

    And also correct is that if you are a hot woman and can take your pick of who you want, then you will want someone with a decent size cock, and I intend to get a guy with a good heart AND with a nice cock. 6" is plenty by the way, and even 5" could be good, just as long as it's very hard and he knows how to use it.

    August 26, 2007
  • i have a 5inches
  • I have a big cock but my balls r tiny so im in a different boat because nobody talks about mens testicles
  • i have 4 inches and i am not maried i hade sex at once and she was crying so much my be it was her first
  • speaking as a woman who always said size doesnt matter, after dating and sleeping with too many white men, ive been reformed. I NEVER WANNA SEE ANOTHER SMALL DICK IN MY LIFE!!!

    its like theres an epidemic with white men that they all have small dicks. i met one guy who had an AVERAGE sized dick and thought it was huge, but it was by white guy standards and so naturally he screwed everything that would let him. WOMEN SHOULD STOP LYING, SIZE DOES MATTER! IT DOES, IT DOES, IT DOES!!! AND I HATE HOW GUYS WITH SMALL DICKS ALWAYS TRY TO BE NICE AND FUNNY AND SWEET, JUST SO THEY CAN TRICK WOMEN INTO LIKING THEM. THEY WANT US TO FEEL SORRY FOR THEM AND BE SYMPATHETIC, WELL IM NOT!

  • Women always dream of the guy having a huge cock, and whether that will feel good or not is not taken into consideration.
    Big looks better - and is usually.
  • My dick gets to be about 5 1/2 inches when erect. The girls love to slob all over it. Don't worry fellas.
  • Learn to live life alone. You and I both know what your future holds. Focus on other things that interest you and forget about sex, dating, relationships. I did when I was 15 because I knew they would all end in failure. So, I never bothered. Despite what people tell you, not having sex will NOT kill you. I'm still here.

    Oh, by the way The vagina is NOT a muscle. It's a birth canal. The clitoris is a woman's sex organ and most women don't orgasm through penetration anyway. The penis is an organ, not a muscle. Don't think about enlarging it because it's all hype. Stretching tissue is not only stupid it's dangerous.
  • I have a seven inch penis but my problem is it is very thin. When i have sex my gf keeps her legs together to try and feel it. I would prefer a short fat one to a long skinny cock
  • my bf dont satisfied me his penis is too small for me
  • I am in a relationship with a woman who says she used to like big dicks. Mine is 5.5-6 inches erect and not very girthy. I have always thought I had a small penis but no women have ever complained partially, I believe, because they were all nice and did not want to hurt my feelings. Anyway, I can make my current girlfriend orgasm every time we have sex. She is a very sexual person and I mean VERY sexual and I have converted her from being a size queen to loving my small penis.

    A big part of it with her is the mental connection. All women are different in as what turns them on but you need to be aware of what makes your woman tick. For example, my woman likes when I talk dirty to her. It makes her crazy when I caress her body before penetration telling her what I am going to do to her, talking about how good it felt the night before or even making up dirty stories.

    My point is that even though I know I have a small penis and do get depressed about it at times, I knew that I had to figure out how women work so I could score a hot loving woman who liked to have sex with me as much I a liked to have sex with her. It's so important to get into her head before getting into her pants. And just for the record this is exactly what I did. When we first started dating we had a very difficult start because we were both in relationships. Things were rocky but we knew we loved each other even before we had intercourse. A couple of days before we had sex the first time we had oral sex and she got to see my penis for the first time. When I drove her home I told her how I felt about my small penis and she said it didnt matter (lie). I told her I knew it mattered but I would make her feel so good no matter how small I was. To make a long story short we ended up having sex for the first time on the carpet in my living room on our lunch hour. She orgasmed in 15 seconds. And that is no joke it was only 15 seconds and we still talk about that to this day. When I ask her why it was so fast for her she says because it just felt so good. I know that a big part of the feeling so good was because I was not only in her vagina but also in her head.

    After 3+ years we are still going strong and the sex is still amazing. She used to only be able to orgasm when on top of any man and now I can make her orgasm from 3 different positions.

    In summary, Size does matter, it matters to women and especially matters to the man who has the penis. A small penis can make you less confident and depressed but it can also make you work harder and more confident in other ways. I know my girlfriend likes big dicks, she always has and always will but I know that she loves my dick because she loves how I treat her, how I move (its not all about thrusting its also about grinding) and how I get into her head.
  • Sex is good weather u have small cock of or big 1 but wat intrest me and my gf is alcohol and violence u can be who ever we down 4 watever g g g g unit
  • Penis size does not always matter, although it matters to a certain extent. If there is attraction and you know how to perform fourplay, yoou know to move, make those sexual expressions, noises, that aids in pleasure. Just experiment with that penis and tell your gf to do kegal exercizes
  • Size matters...i think u should have a sex change operation and call urself susan, dumbass turd
  • Don't listen to everybody... size does matter, yer screwed
  • Size does matter....wallet size. If you have a fat wallet, you don't need to worry about your dick.

    Oct 21, 2007
  • Here's the deal, I am small and I cum very fast with my wife. She hates it and will eventually leave me because of it - If you cant fill her to some degree she cant be satisfied - If someone tells you otherwise they ARE lying to save feelings. It is what it is - a small penis. Plus a small penis is great for anal!
  • I've heard "is it in?" right in the heat of it I've heard - "what happened? Did you go limp?" when I am hard and as big as I will ever be! I now get off on hearing such humiliating comments. deal with it.
  • Size matter, those who deny it are the man with small penises
  • Those who said size matters are the ones with small dildos
  • Fuck man... well im glad i found diz site bc i found alot of interesting facts.. well im 17 years old.. mexcican.. im verry tall 6"2 i think... avarage weight.. kinda slim... not a virgin.. ive had sex like prolly 10times..

    it really screws me over wen grls think im HUGE bc im tall and big... but in reality im not so big.. i personally dont think im big at all... im verry verry small wen flacid.. but my erections are strong... my penis is about 5"5 wen im hard.. sumtimes i manage 2 get a 6inch erection.. rarely.. im datin a filipina/white grl.. she has a small phisique.. but damn pretty.. i guess i really like her bc short.. shes not a virgin.. shes 16 and has had sex many times wit 2 oder guys.. i think dey both wer big.. heres my story..

    we have had sex 2times.. i was as hard as a rock.. the first time wasnt the greatest.. i fingered her.. she loves it(thank god my fingers are long).. so any guys wit small penises.. use ur fingers.. after i fingered her.. i penetrated her.. usual missionary position.. i can tell she doesnt enjoy it at maximum.. but i try 2 go as far and as long as i can.. 2 my surprise.. after about like 15 minutes.. i was able 2 make her have an orgasm..
    that really boosted my confidence..

    in conlclusion guys... size sadly does matter.. but if ur member is small den try oder things.. finger oral etc. im glad i found diz chick..
  • my ex husband had a very large penis, and a lot of the time it hurt when we were having sex, which wasn't very enjoyable. i am now with a man that has a penis on the smaller side. at first i was a little unsure, considering i was used to a very large penis. but honestly the sex is better with my bf now, because we have such a connection that my ex and i never had, and he treats me very well.

    there are some ways that feel better than others, you just have to figure out what positions feel the best. and really i wouldn't have any room to talk, cause i have small breasts, so it would be pretty shitty of me if i didn't like him, because he has a smaller penis.

    oh yeah, and some of these people on here are pretty rude and shitty. don't you think if guys with small penis's could have bigger penis's they would?!! they didn't ask for it to be that way

    Nov 12, 2007
  • my bf's cock is 7 -8 inches when hard, and he's white, i reckon thats pretty good...but honestly its not how big he is, its the thrusting, grinding and touching before hand that gets me off
  • im 16 and my penis is 5 1/2 and 5 inchs in girth do you think thats enough to satisfie a girl? theres a girl i really like but im scared cuz of the size of my penis

    Nov 2, 2007
  • Big ones def look hotter but I'm with a guy who only measures 5" long, but 6" around. It's a fat little thing lol. I was a little disappointed to see it but the sex is the best ive had so far. Size matters, girth more than length. As far as looks go I still like them HUGE :-D

    Nov 5, 2007
  • Its good to hear these idears it will help us. to have confident in our self.

    Nov 4, 2007
  • so basically what your saying is that any man with a small penis is not a real man..well then the same could be said about women who some have very tiny breast's that there not real women. come on i mean theres a reasion that some guys have a smaller penis than other guys and a reasion that some women have smaller breast's than other woman.. it dosent matter and it shouldent matter. its the society of today that has made this in to something that it's not.a man with a 2 inch penis is just as much a man as a man with a 8 inch penis.a woman is just as much a woman as one with 44-d breasts as a woman with a -a beast.its what is in your hearts that matter.not whats hanging off a guy or whats whats hanging off a womans chest.and thats all i have to say!!

    Oct 31, 2007
  • Girls and guys aren't that different, The same way us guys look at ugly girls, fat girls, loose girls, smelly girls etc. Doesn't mean those girls don't get any love, think about it. How many times you seen a normal or even cool looking guy walking around with a monster?

    It's not that seldom. On the other hand, a fat girl that wants to be attractive is prolly gonna clean herself up, make sure she got her act together smelling good, hair done, personality right etc. That's what you gotta do brotha, you gotta make sure sure all the other aspects of your game is on point.

    I sexed this big girl once, beautiful in the face, always smellin good, confidence sky high, and she had the perfect moan. Since the room was dark when we had sex, I'd admit... it was soem good p@ssy. We went out for a while and if I didn't go to boarding school, I probably woulda still been with her... well, maybe not. But the point is, there is a good chance you could get lucky with a girl that is just for you...

    BUT you gotta make sure that you treatin her right because one of us other brothas who ain't strugglin like you might end up breakin your home. So watch out especially for us black folk, they come to us lol.

    Nov 9, 2007
  • my panis 4inch long in excite position.may i able to satisfy to woman
  • I'm a petite tight girl so as long as it's not too small I can enjoy it. Sometimes it can be too big and you have to be careful so I'd rather it be between 5.5 and 8 inches and it's gotta have some girth, atleast 4 inces measuring around the shaft. Kegal exercises are perfect for tightening so small guys encourage your women to do them.
  • Women really don't care about size when it comes to intercourse. The only time size matters, if this counts, is that i like handling or sucking a large dick because it's ... well, interesting and fun.

    Don't worry about size. We like'em all.

    Nov 8, 2007
  • Why do men worry so much about what women want, I think perhaps women should worry about what men want since there are 8% more women of marriageable age than men. There was a study on this by UCLA forgot the name of it but it shows that maybe women should be happy if they find a good guy even if his penis is small. I personally and not hung like a porn star but i will be damned if i will worry about it and hey if the women does not like what i have i can find another woman as easily as i found her.
  • my penis is a bit over 7.5 inches(19cm) im happy with it :)...
  • a big dick matters if you dont know what you are doing....
    some guys have long skinny ones (which is not what we mean by big) width is a major factor!!
    so think about tht tooo when looking at yourself!!
    : ))
    and if you look upstuff to make a girl love your sex... then you will get knowledge in the bed room (that is a big deal) just remember that no matter how big you are you can work it!!
  • i am 16 years old,the lenght of my penis is 6 inches long,n 5 iches wide when errected, personnally i think thats small for my age, whats your veiw on this?
  • Wow, this has been amazingly helpful. Everyone's comments have been really illuminating. I did like the observation that guys that are on the smaller side did not ask to be born that way so let's lay off the tone of posts that appear to be blaming them for something they have no control over. And yes, we gals would be lying if we said it doesn't matter but if you love someone and they treat you well...well, as the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat ;-)

    Dec 5, 2007
  • haha
  • 4" inches is the perfect size to make ur girl come. as am married to a guy who has 4" but he is greatest while making love. he comeslike a superfast train. so fellas size does not matter , only thing is get connected well emotionally.
  • size matters
  • Size does matter for most woman. Woman just say stuff to make u feel better. A womans vagina can expand to fit almost any size. And a larger penis can not only get what they want deeper to more easily get her pregnant,but also better prepairs her for the stretching of child birth. Not to mention being large is a major confidence boost for a man which all woman are attracted to.and u rarely hear someone being made fun of for being bigger than the average man. but some woman have small breasts and men still like them to.
  • Women masterbate to orgasm so why should it matter. I masterbate to orgasm. Alot of guys masterbate for that tighter feeling or she can jack me off. so a guy does not need a big dick to have an orgasm when the fact is you don't need a dick to orgasm or a pussy. The real thing is nice, but sometimes you got to do what ya gotta do, so big small medium who the fuck cares I don't I still expierence the same feeling as any big dick guy does, if not better!
  • Depending on how small it is, you might have a problem. The secret is to find a woman who is compatible. I'm very small and had great experiences and lousy ones. Some women are built for large ones, some built for small ones. Find a woman that works with your equipment. You'll both be happier in the long run. Don't believe that crap about 5.5" deep vaginas or nerve endings going only part of the way in. It all comes down to the woman's personal preference and equipment.
  • im a confident 20 year old attractive male with a 5.5-6.0 penis, i have had at least twenty sexual partners in the past and the majority have been satisfied, no1 has ever complained, if they did i would simply see them as shallow and rude, similarily if i complained that she was to loose or that her breasts where too small. people with small or average penis' must realiset that a huge cock is at the end of the day still just a cock! any woman who sleeps with men constantly just looking for a big dick is simply looking for just that, a dick, not a individual, they aint worth it

    Dec 16, 2007
  • How uneducated so many people are on this site. The post on Dec. 5 th says a larger penis more easily make s woman pregnant. You sound very ignorant. Size has no bearing on that. Strerility is the big factor!! Women can get pregant by a splash of semen on their vagina...not a high chane, but still a moderate chance and this involves NO penis at all!!!!

    I am a man, I have a little bit below average penis at 5 inches. Average is probably about 5.8 inches, but it depends on which tests you read. However many women call it small if its under 7 inches. Hmmm, so if I like D size breats I guess a C-cup I should then call small. It's very tiring reading surveys on penis size because it always seems to fall into several groups. Women who say size doesn't matter, men who say it doesn't matter, women who say it definitely matters, guys who say women lie and that it does matter, etc. Well, all people are different so I guess we should expect varied responses. When it boils down to it my take is that it's all psychological. Why do people who are given placebo's think they feel better sometimes??? Like many women have said they like large penises for visual stimulation!

    I think it's all psychology. Some are infatuated with huge sizes. I have no problem with women telling what they want. I like to hear all their stories. I guess we men should create a site to talk about vagina size so we can tell stories...yeah I screwed this girl and she was liek the grand canyon! But anyway, I have no problems so long as the women here are just being truthful and honest and give their opinions with all do respect.

    What really angers me is the women who feel they have to degrade and make fun of men with these small ones. I can only conclude that they are very insecure about themselves as typical people who need to degrade others are. If you aren;t attracted to small penises then that's fine. Why the anger or need to insult? When you insult people based on such generalizations- you could be insulting a very nice, caring, courageous, and respectful guy who happens to have a small penis and a guy with a huge penis could be a serial killer for all you know. How the hell can you hurl general insults based upon the size of an organ?? That's insane?

    Should I say women with small breasts suck?? Should I say people with green eyes are pricks?? Just ludicrous. I once read something from a woman that may open the eyes of some of the fools on this site. She said "And all you guys who think you're such a man by telling me how big your penis is and all that can just move right along.

    A true man is measured by courage, and love, and how much he cares and treats his family." Some of these guys with large penises may end up being the biggest pussies you have ever seen. Guys out thre in the war zones putting their lives on the line for their country are true men! Think about reality and then how silly does this large penis stuff really sound compared to things like that!!!

    We all will die someday and a big penis decomposes no slower than a small one. It doesn't fucking matter once you're dead or these women who hurl insults are dead. Doesn't all this fluff penis/breast/ whatever talk sound just downright silly now????? So do what ya like, but always be respectful. You never know when fate will turn itself around and bite you back!!

    Dec 15, 2007
  • I like to call this the porn star myth. Since porn came about in the late 70's early 80's our idea of what a normal person is has become flawed. If you watch porn than it would seem every man in the world has a bigger dick than you but it's not the case. Very few people understand camera angles and lens selection. You can get the right angle and lens and make a 4 inch penis look 8 inches on film. Also you have a skewed perception of your own penis because you only see it from one angle looking down at it. Try looking in the mirror or getting your partner to take pictures.

    The results may shock some of you. Your penis will appear larger.I have a 6in penis but I have a picture of my ex giving me oral sex and my penis looks huge in the picture..This is how all the 6 inch guys in porn look bigger. It's the camera not the penis.

    Dec 15, 2007
  • I am 6.75" and 5.5" girth on the shaft, with my head being 6.25". My wife has been with some past partners that were longer she said. She said it sucked as they would try to jam it in there and really bang into her cervix. This hurt like heck. I know it does hurt her as I hit it too with certain positions or if I go in real hard. When they would try not to hit it they could not go in all the way. For a woman to orgam with intercourse the man needs to get in all the way so their pubic area can make contact with her pubic area/clitoris. If the last 3" are always outside the vagina this can not happen. Shorter guys need to remember this...get it in all the way and grind on it, make circles, write out your name, whatever. Try the Coital Alignment Position. :)

    My wife said that the two she was with that were longer were a$$holes. If she acted like it did not hurt they did it harder and harder until she said something. One guy had some kind of rape fantasy where he would hold her down and he wanted her to fight back. What an a$$!! Almost like they got off on making her hurt, that it reinforced their ego in some manner when she finally said it hurt.

    Bottom line guys, you got what you got, so try to make the most of it. You dont have much other choice here. Ask your girl what you can do to make her enjoy it more. Have her talk to you during sex, so if you hit a hot button you can go back to it again and again. Maybe some great oral before hand? Maybe using EMLA creame to numb it if you have a hair trigger? This stuff works BTW.

    I am above average I guess, but I would not want ot be any bigger even if I could.

    Dec 17, 2007
  • Iím a 22 year old guy and I have slept with a lot of girls and woman in my time oh and by the way I am not bragging. I have a really small penis, like 2 1/2 inc. and although I think that Iíve gotten about 10 %of those lady's of by my count. I properly would have gotten more girls of but the fact is girls just need allot more time and frankly I just canít keep up half of the time loll sorry ladies but itís true. But it has never really mattered because I have never had a girl complain about my size nor has a girl ever broken up with me. All the guys out there that are hung up on their small ding dongs just get over it.

    The faster you do, the better you relationships will be. If you want to please girls in the bedroom make it more about her. Instead of 5mins of 4play then go a hundred miles an hour. U needs to kiss, touch and make it all about her. Always complement her on how gorgeous she is and how hot you are getting by giving her pleasure and things WILL improve. Trust me boys if a girl is going out with you, she likes you and wonít go walking out the door just cause you got a small wiener. All in all the biggest problem is yourself just accept that your small and work with it try new things, different position and defiantly toys (if your not to scared that a bit of plastic is doing something that you canít).....follow my advice and things will improve, but hay Iím only 22 what do I know yeh anyway good luck boys.

    Dec 19, 2007
  • Quick question.....can a smaller penis make getting pregnant more harder?

    Dec 23, 2007
  • Having an "average" size penis can be very depressing.....especially if u suspect your gf or wife is runnin around on u. the best wit what u got in the confident, spend time wit your gf, and love her......but if u catch her cheatin, drop her likes shes hot........period. By the way, women love girth, the one thing i lack. VERY VERY depressing
  • You do not have to have a big dick to have a baby, that is what it is for.
  • Hi i am 28 married having a pennis of size 4.5" when errected at full .My wife says she does not have any problem with its size I KNOW SHE LOVES ME A LOT BUT AT SOME CORNER OF MY HEART I FEEL THAT SHE NEEDS A BIG ONE.How can i know if she really does not have any problem with my small sized pennis .Can any one please help me out with my problem?i think a girl who have experienced both a big one and a small one like that of mine can help me to come out of this problem.
  • I want to increase my penis. My size is 3.5 inches long only. How can I increase it.
  • Hey boo bless you!! its not good to have a small penis plez get plastic surgery couz somegirls r SEXATTICS and they cant help that they love sticking humungus dicks up their pussy so plastic surgery would be good
  • I think the biggest problem is the social aspect of what is considered attractive. Society says that the massive cock is sexually superior, more attractive, and better. Since, a big part of sex is mental for women, if a man isn't hung like a porn star, women percieve this as unattractive. Obviously, it is harder to get sexually aroused by someone who is percieved to be unattractive, hence sex is usually less enjoyable for the women who subscribe to what society says. Women complain all the time about the "unfair" standards that the media puts on them to look good. So, when it comes to this thing.......I say forget about it. Have fun with sex. Talk about sex with your partners, NOT everyone likes the same things during sex. Work on it, and you'll find ways to make sex great for all involved.
  • Women commonly have trouble opening up there true feelings and a lot of guys know that. plus women commonly say they want one type of guy and then do another and almost everyone knows that. Plus when you have a guy with a large penis, then that guy will automaticaly give him more confidence which almost every women is attracted to a confident man. Plus you can now watch a lot of woman oline stretching out there pussies with all kinds of stuff. Plus porn guys are almost all huge, so you add all this up and its no wonder us average guys feel uncomfortable with our size. So thats why you get into porn, find a woman who seems to not care about size, and make women that like big dicks sound like loose, trashy, whores.
  • Buy a cock ring and take some salsa lessons. If your girl needs wide and deep stimulation, that's what vibrators are for, and they can be a hell of a lot of fun to lie back and have the guy use on a girl. In the mean time, small dicks hit the g-spot easier if you know how to move your hips, and they're a hell of a lot easier to go down on than monsters. Also creative finger use can help with stimulation, both vaginal and clitoral.

    My husband is hung like a horse and I wish he were smaller a lot of times. I'd see less of my doctor that way. :P
  • Well am a 5'6 tall latino male and I have 11 inch penis!! Let me tell you that I wish my penis was about 7 inches becuase at least a woman would enjoy sex more with me rather then be in very bad pain!! Trust me I have had 10 grilfriends all my life and all of them did not like to have full intercoures with me due to all the pain that my penis caused them!! Now my wife who is 6'3 tall could handle my penis size almost all the time , but sometimes it 's hard for her becuase since I love to have sex twice a day she would get to tight for sex. ALL MEN WITH SO CALLED SOME PENIS DON'T WORRY TO MUCH JUST BE YOURSLEFS AT ALL TIMES AND ENJOY LIFE BECAUSE WE ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!
  • Lets put it this way I have 5 inches and some girls can orgasm some cannot. ITs like a key and a locke some keys dont fit. Also its not always our fault guys, everyone goes ohhh small penis. Some women have the atlantic ocean for a vagina, stay away from that shit, you would need a two liter to do anything with that. Dont be depressed about it find a vagina thats right for you. IF she is shallow enought not to care than screw her. Let me tell you about relationships. While sex is important, if thats all you have its doomed to fail. If a woman leaves you because of your size, consider it a blessing. Let them go with the assholes with the big dicks who will screw around on them and make them feel like shit.....karma is a bitch. If two people love each other they can make it work. If a woman can give herself an orgasm with her finger than so can a guy. Just know what she likes and make it about her until she cums. As far as women who just want a big dick, be prepared to be miserable because if thats all you looking for in a relationship and thats all its based on you will be miserable , eventually.
  • Most of us compliment large ones thinking it makes our guy feel good, and manly. we don't actually care as much as you guys think. If you are big, your girl will say she likes em big. If you are small she'll say it doesn't matter.
    Truth is if we are with you it's because we like YOU, not your penis. (sorry to you big guys, we aren't as impressed as you think, but it's sexy when you get all proud and confident, lol).
    Oh, and you little guys need to stop being selfish jerks, JUST LET HER LOVE YOU FOR YOU, THAT'S WHAT SHE WANTS. Leave your penis out of it, LET HER RESPECT YOU AS A MAN, by not being an insecure wimp about your small penis. DON'T DEGRADE YOURSELF IN HER EYES, THAT IS JUST YOU BEING INSENSATIVE TO HER, because she want's you to be her emotional anchor, and her protector, (not her insecure wimp and not her dildo). Just stop being an insecure little baby about it.

    Is there a size that is too small? YES, 4 inches or less, is too small for vaginal orgasm, NOT TOO SMALL TO BE LOVED BY HER, OR PLEASE HER. Just DON'T DEGRADE YOURSELF IN HER EYES! She doesn't need a certain penis size, she need's a strong confident man to be there for her emotionally and be HER MAN!
  • My penies is very small
  • Studies show that the majority (93%) of all women surveyed had this to say:

    "The size of a man's penis is totally irrelevant...

    Unless, of course, you intend to have sex with him."
  • It don't matter about the size i mean girls arent gonna look at your dick until your older; hopefully.
  • Had 6"dick but my gal of 23 did not like it because she had sex with several men but she accomodated it when she stoped dating other even small dicks can be housed by large vaginas provided she doesnt introduce another member.the gals enjoy when your dick hits their wall and being given climax that ends them yell funny noise
  • hb hnnnnn
  • im a women and id say small penis rocks!! as i hate bigger and fatter cocks as they are more painful and stuff but smaller ones are just right and not dat painfull , u ot thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee women love smalll cok not big ok!!
  • I wish I had a 10 inch penis as apose to this great big thing i've got
  • is 4 inches really to small? because mine is 4 inches and im afraid i won't be able 2 plz my gf....someone plz help me
  • girls talk about how they want a big dick then when it comes down to it they get all scared. i wish my dick was smaller so i would actually enjoy sex.
  • they say the average size is 4.5".
  • let me tell you. . . size matters only to a point! i have been with less than 5 men and the best lover of them all had a penis the size of an average persons thumb! there are other things one can do to be passionate, sensual and good in bed! i havent been with him in 7 years but just thinking about him im flushed! learn other techniques to pleease your lover thats all you need! i have hope for you! you will find the right person . . . . i promise!
  • It doesnt matter...atleast for me. My man doesnt have a huge penis but he works it. And Keeps me cumming each and everytime!
  • Small penis you have to know how used. 5" -6" perfect size to any women out there. You can use you finger at the sametime to rup her clit and play with her pussy while you fuck her. Big penis ok but hurt hwo can you enjoy it if you in pain.
  • my boy friends is 10" Which is brilliant because i love feeling it like one time i was at my daughters primary 1 parents party and we started shagging then my daughter came up and said can i join in and we said yes so my daughter has had plenty of experience and is now only 7 she has done it 4 time with us and 5 times with her best friend katie which makes her gay but we dont care because at least we didnt need to give her the talk we just should her how she was made. after this we realised we had the wrong child from the hospital there was a mix up at birth !!! how funny that was xx
  • mine is 1.5 inches. is that too small? pls help me i am going to cry.
  • As long as you can kiss a girl and please her...then your fine =) *cutie
  • How small are you ? 1" ? If you are 5" and up, I don't think it's small. The way you use it is the most important, woman enjoys good technique and the way you can make her feel good, hit her G-spot and make her cum. Don't worry about the size, if you can get hard and have good technique, woman will love you for it.
  • it isn't true that men only love women with big breasts. Me, for instance, love really small ones especially girls with no breasts!! I love girls with big breasts, medium breasts, small breasts, no breasts, jeez i could care less. same goes with vaginas too! My reasoning behind this is it isn't the fact that they are big, small, tight, or loose but the very sexy idea of vaginas and breasts in general is a turn on! you might say, "well?! how can you say that about vaginas??? if it's too loose then you can't feel anything." i'd say, " are you asking me if she can't feel anything or that her pussy isn't choking my cock off? " the way people see it is the tighter the feel the greater the pleasure. I say, just give me a reason to massage my dick on you and i'll make you orgasm....and girl, if you want bigger, i'm sorry but only your fantasies can give you bigger. And all fantasies are are exaggerations on what is real: an exaggeration on something, someone, or an event and involving your genitals in it - that's pretty much all there is too it.
    As for penis size, the problem lies all in a developing culture. For instance, during the greek and roman times, men saw sex as a pedestal towards power, and just as much so a sign of a man's status. Caligula and Nero for instance. The emphasis wasn't on penis size, but the strength, virility, and power that their fantasies bestowed upon it. the penis was a symbol of power in general, which is a reason why women were second class (which is stupid, btw).
    Pompeii had a lot of bordellos where men could live out THEIR sexual fantasies with sex slaves and in comparison today, is the opposite. But instead of the stereotype that men are seeking only sex and women are the source of their objectification, nowadays women are seeking sex and objectifying men. But truly, i wonder if this has been the case throughout history that both sexes have objectified between. Of course, if this were true and women are always willing to voice out how unfair this is, and men are seeing how depressing and hurtful sexual objectification is, then the smart, RIGHT conclusion is to say objectificaction is wrong period! Basically, if something hurts you, it is not PLEASURABLE! Of course there is always going to be someone coming along to denounce this, and that you and i don't know how great a large dick feels compared to a small one, then you might as well say this to them: "If all you care about is what you feel and desire, then why should I?" or in other words, you want what you want and i want what i want.
    WE all have our desires and we shouldn't ignore or say we are unworthy of them, but embrace and control them. we can't ignore that sex is about you and your lover, not about you pleasing yourself (who fantasizes like that???). The aesthetic part of seeing the world this way is that if lovers care about each other even just sexually, both will climax.
  • wow people , your comments are all either rude / unhelpful .

    first of all , dont be tired of having a small penis lots of women dont like huge penises , trust me they hurt alot more .
    im sure there are men out there with TINY penises .

    eat rice , noodles and drink lots of milk .
    this makes your winker grow . ; )
  • lols never mind be happy with want u got ur not the only one that has small penis and men with small penis can fuck hard and fast, unlike big penis if u push it all the way the girl would die and i say that 3-4inch doesn't matter and don't be pessimistic about this
  • personally i think a small penis would be better than a large one.
    if i had a large one JAMMING into my at 100mph, thatd hurt! i dont want a guys penis able to touch my organs, ouch.

    id rather it be small so you could get in and enjoy it at any angel or position. plus if he jams into you, it wont hurt as much.

    love what you got, because if you had a 8-11" girls would run screaming in pain(:.

  • I'm a white guy with a small penis. It's embarressing because I'm a tall lacrosse player, and it's like a jellybean!
  • my girl ued to have sex with a lad who had a 9 inch thick penis i only have 5 inch thin and i only made her orgasm 8 times in 2 years the 9 inch one made her cum every time
  • Get penis pump!
  • You are an amazoing tribute to not only the country but my life peronally. I lov you and a mall penis does not matter in life coe to my house we can have some sexy time and if me sucking your dick doesn't make you feel better uyou can always suck mne.
  • actually guys what is important is d way we carry ourself . just be confident in life .I was in a relationship yes i did had before we got married but according to me size does matter but if we know how to do it i think we can compensate over there .The fact in ma life is i do satisfy my wife cuz she loves a lot .when a person loves u i think size wont matter.
  • Does not matter. A big one hurts. If you are worried about it then focus on making your tongue do the work! Along with sheer animal magnatism and skillful tongue you are the king.
  • Who cares, sex is for mens enjoyment anyways. Now go bake me some pie!
  • I also have a small penis and am afraid my girlfriend thinks the same and is going to leave me. I can empathize with you.
  • do pumps work ? honest answer pls lads thanks
  • TUrn ghay
  • 5 x 4.75 and I made promiscuous white women come...granted I treat them with respect, try to be charming, and eat pussy and lick them from head to toe...once I've got the juices flowing my smallish member performs adequately. Take your time and then fuck them at different speeds and angles for atleast 15-20 minutes. I've since settled on a supertight petite latina and the sex is great. Her small pussy fits like a glove on my small cock. LOL.
  • Yo I got a 4 inch dick erect but bitches love it fuck it and suck it just gotta know how to fuck
  • they only time i ever had an orgasm from penetration alone (no clit stimulation), was when i was dating guy with a small penis (4 inches or so). he hit my g-spot perfectly. thinking back, that was some of the best sex i've ever had.
  • I have a 3inch penis and feel like killing myself
  • i have a 6.2 size dick and 5 inchs of girth would i satisfy a women cuz i really wanna have sex cuz im good looking half breed (i guess my dick is my white side) lol jk but would that be good in bed with a women if i knew how to use it and fuck em reallll good??? please women answer my question please...
  • I'm 22 years old I got a 5 1/2 n I'm black! I've had sex wit a lot of girls and I think one said she couldn't feel a thing...yea hurt like hell. Anyway I learned how to work it n after dat I never had a problem again tell u da truth most of them were surprised because they thought they would never get off! A so don't worry bout penis size just work it right n u can change a lot of female minds TRUST ME. O and like most females said u gotta know how to foreplay very important u CANNOT just hop right into it. Gotta play! And last stay real close to da clitoris when u r n. Its da most sensitive part of da va j j. O o and cut da hair off ya penis this helps wit da size a lil too. GOOD LUCK WIT DA POO TANG PLEASING!!!!
  • Size may matter to some people in the same way that breast size matters to men or size of the woman's hips or other body parts and how they look: it is a fact that physical things do matter to how much you are attracted to someone. And, for many people that may be a defining factor on whether or not they will be in a relationship or even have sex with someone. I mean, not just the "penis" but a woman could be attracted to hair length, eye color, skin, buffness, whatever. All sorts of different things turn people on. Think about the BDSM community, I mean people may have weird fetishes well beyond what is going on in this conversation.

    Bottom line is you need to find someone who you get along with more than physical, or find the person who loves you or wants you for who you are. If it isn't the penis it may be something else, and you too may think the girl has too small breasts or too short hair or wrong shaped face -- who the heck knows. I'm sure for all the guys worried about their penis, they will say some certain type of woman "turns them on." Look at this objectively: the same people worried about their penis size are also saying they want a "HOT" woman. So basically you are a hypocrite, you want a woman to love you for your imperfection (or in spite of it) but you define what a "hot" woman is (I'm assuming body shape, breast size and appearance in some way) which is the same exact thing. If you want to life these physical requirements and attractions from the equation -- first look into YOURSELF and see that maybe you too are judging people on the same level.
  • im 20yr old, a virgin, 125kg and have a small cock this chick has basically told me she wants to have sex and im just soooo scared of the reaction and that the sex will be shit because its sooo tiny unless im on my back :(
  • I likecda littlecones
  • my fiance have a small penis but it's not an issue to me. We have had sex many times & he knows how to compensate his lack through oral sex & his faithfulness to me.
  • im a small guy, unattractive and had enough of being rejected. I'm going to pull the pin on my time on this rock because of it. Guys she digs you for you, if she don't, she never will.Good to see how superficial the world has become! I've had enough.
  • my problem is my penis is very short and Gf not happy. so what can i do please tell me.
  • I am small, and yet sex has never been an issue. I know how to use my cock and my tongue so well that the size has never been an issue. I can last for hours and have had sessions where we fucked, took a shower, fucked again and ate, fucked some more and went to a movie, and fucked again and went to sleep.

    Confidence is key, effort is too. But over all have fun with it. Sex is supposed to be fun, not a contest.
  • i 30 year, have 4 inche lenght penis and 3.9 inche grith now ; i want to go to marrige.I AM worrid about my size.I will marrige or not.PLEASE give me perpect sugation
  • I could'nt get hard anymore unless my wife would talk about how small my dick was and unforfilling it is. for years i've been so obsessed with seeing my wife get fucked by huge dicks that i have become turned on by them myself and now want to suck on them myself
  • woman will always leave you for a man with a bigger penis, i have lived with loads of woman and they are only interested in a big wallet or a big
    cock if you have a small one you might as well have a sex change nature can be cruel I HAVE 7INCHES AND THAT IS TO SMALL woman are born actors and thats with thirty years experience,they will never be happy thats why they become bad tempered its only the fat or ugly who will put up with a small cock to them its better than nothing
  • think about it how many western woman do you see with asien men but yet you see white woman with black men all the time and some are plug ugly
    I had a black friend and he could score every night of the week and he treated woman like they were bits of rubbish you are made if you are well endowed dont believe nothing else why do you think there are so many divorces woman are so frustrated they crack up
  • You could try Jelqing. It is a stretching technique that might give about an inch more in length and girth.
    Other than that - move to Asia. I lived there for 5 years and been with 100 or more Asian women. Every woman is different, but more Asians are small than others. In fact, at 6in, many Japanese, Korean, and Chinese woman had to check to make sure I wasn't too big first. There were a few who liked bigger cocks, but most over there are very small.
    Jelq, and move.
  • shiny tits r disgusting....but tits r dont moan about cock size.....i f johnny depp had a small cock he'd still get laid...cock is grateful....iits only the fat ugly girls who think its small. i t may be small, but what wouldnt look small compared to ur MASSIVE VAGINA!!!
    get a grip...literally you bucket beavers!!!
  • can u tell me what i can do my paniss size is 2inch
  • Big balls
  • Stretch it like a rubber band and it'll grow longer
  • Haha some one wrote big dick guys can't do some of the small dick moves well us big dicks can say the same fool I think all u should relax there are bigger issues in ur life than between ur legs, and besides get a goody goody chick play it out for a while and she won't care any way chances are she's not experienced and prob has a bush FYI ...
  • no woman wants a small penis nowadays, so quit sex and put yerself into something else that u like
  • Avg size is prob 5.5" but women mostly prefer something like 6.5-8" anything bigger will hurt them. The key us girth and average girth is about 4.7" and again most women would prefer a dick that's about as big as what can fill out her mouth. A rexona deodorant can is about 6" around and I'd say that's the most a woman would wanna take on a regular basis. So a girth of about 5.35-6" is ideal in most womens eyes.

    Average = 5.5 x 4.7
    desired = 7.5 x 6

    just to let you know... 50% of men are below average and only 5% of men are at that desired measurement.

    Thanks alot ladies for destroying us.

    Btw I'm 5.75 x 4.3 and it's bugged me to the point of clinical depression and social anxiety and I'm fairly attractive and athletic. If I was over 7 long and 5.5 girth my whole life would be different.
  • my penis is only 4.5 inch long and 4.4 width and my mrs has a big pussy and we both love it
  • I have had relationships with a lot of different guys during high school and college. Now I am married to a man with a smaller penis. My reasons are simple... I fell in love with him, and he is my soulmate. I am completely attracted to him!!! I wouldn't trade anything for what I have. Some women just think about sex as I did. Now I think about making love, and it's the best kind of sex. Most women feel the way I do... and yes, it is the best sex I have ever had!!!!!
  • good I like it thank you
  • Me and my girl love Ted Bundy, we are soul mates. I got a five and a half, and I make her squeaalllll baby! She loves ridin me.

    Bottom line, bigger is better, unless she loves you and you are passionatte.

    Or you could go to a doctor and get it pumped full of saline? I would if I wasn't happy with my soulmate! ;)
  • my penis too small, normally is not more than 1 inch, but around 4.5 when erect. i feel vey shy, and i am scared that my partnar will not be pleased, i dicide to die, i cant go to her with this dick
  • Girth is the most important thing in my experience. My penis is just over 8 inches long. My girth is only 4 inches. I find that i canít penatrate my penis fully with most girls I have been with they tell me they find it uncomfortable, this I find very frustrating. I am only 5í7íí tall and most of my partners are petite even then. I donít have the girth to satisfy women virginally in addition that I donít get be inside a tight women, every guys likes a tight vagina. Howe ever my girth is great for anal sex I have been told but still i canít penetrate my penis fully, extremely frustrating, if you have average girth you are blessed.
  • Learn art of Cunnilingus!!!
  • I love small dicks.
  • yeah the average size is about 5.5 to6.5 inches..
    but i told u the size doesnt matter ....
    it is the mutual understanding of tho parteners....
  • some of u chicks chat enuff shit im just under 6 and i know i could smash the feeling outa any pussy guys the real thing ladies want big is confidence......and wallets
  • I have a 12.5 incher my wife hate it. She leave for an Asian
    Man. Now I'm sad. Someone help me
  • Does sizee matter yes n no b 4 I met my girl. Neva had a problem as as getn women or f...... them. The worst feed back I eva got was it could b longer but that ain't stop them from lettn me hit .I feel y'all tho y'all prolly want relationships but chill n b single main gvet yo self sum confidence knock a couple off in keep it pushn eventually u will get better by that time u won't evan worry bout it .. if that don't work be a dog about it dogs don't care what u say long as u feed um get the pussy n bounce find another unlesss she want u around then thas cool . My girl had bout 7 big dicks I think that shit made me cry one nite lol but check it I can make my girl squirt fuckn her and I did it in thebegining of the relationship 5 years ago on top of that It was like a week after her fucking a ten inch dude and ain't none of them big dicks make her squirt eva .... I'm insecure but I don't hate on big dick dudes cuz I no my fuck game is 1000 evan wit out a squirt that's just extra fo da females. Basically fellas I guess jus learn how to fuck and jus approach women wit sum G shitt
  • You all who are making love are doing it right.
    Because is no just about the action that is called,sex.
    It is a devine gift to us so,making love should be an envolvement of both .
    Stop complaining and start to get creative,becuase you got a set of brains as well.
    Women who are praticing,kegel,are one of the creative ones,so do all of them who can handle any size especially small ones,because of their creativeness. (way to go girls)
    Even guys who go with the motion are to be aplauded.
  • People size counts! Its just a biological fact! And by the way. One cannot compare breast size with penis size. Compare vagina and penis. Or a mans face 2 a womans breasts. Dnt compare thngs that do nt belng 2the same category!! Sme men like tiny tits othas big ones. Bt let me tel u ths guys: ANY WOMAN WOULD CHOOSE A BIG PENIS OVER A SMALL ONE! and that idiot who said sex is 4 a mans enjoyment only. Dude u probly hav a tiny lil prick u loser.
  • A small prick is the most disgusting thng ive eva seen! My ex was the sweetest and dearest guy bt after seeing is lil limp hose i was hugely turned off! I dumped hm soon afterwards!
  • Size DOES NOT matter. I was married for 18 years - my husband had a large penis but had no idea how to use it. I have had a few partners over the years (I'm in my 40's) 2 of which had smaller than average penises (ie 4-5 inches). One was completely useless & the other is my partner now, who is the best lover I have ever had. It's not about the size - large penises can really hurt and in my experience, smaller cocks are harder. I also know that small penises bother men a lot more than they will ever bother women. Amen
  • i am 22yrs. I have 5.9inc penis. My wife is highly glad to me. Is it small?
  • i luv small cock
  • Just make sure you are good at everything else - all foreplay, eating her out, being smooth and seductive, making sounds - and it really shouldn't matter. Honestly that doesn't matter if women say it does - it's a social thing. It is about how you work it that gets a woman to orgasm. You need rhythm and communication.
  • Everyman would like to have a larger penis. But in reality, this desired comes from an erroneous cultural notion that puts forward the idea that larger penises are, somehow, better.

    Biology doesn't lie... so we can put this idea of "larger penises being better" to the ultimate biological test: natural selection.

    If there really were an selective advantage in having a larger penis (e.g. female preference), then the average size of penises would be larger (i.e. most guys would have penises that are considered large for the normal standards).
  • u don't haveto bow to a female n eat they pussy cuz yo shit small don't let them hoes beat u fo no head
  • whats wrong with u women loving small ex has 8.5 and now everyguy is a should of kept him
  • MA diCk iS 8 iNChES Nd GURLS LOVE
  • Here's good advice (I know. My average, 5 3/4" has been around a lot of girls.) Get married young, before she bounces around on anyone elses big one. I was always good at sex and all my early girlfriends loved sex with me. But the older women don't seem to be very satisfied, especially after having huge partners. Women weren't made for multiple partners. They were made for only one, so find your girl soon after high school. Now, what turns me on is for a woman to make fun of my little dick, laughing and teasing me while we get naked and sex it up.
  • i hav a small penis due to being circumsised at birth. i alway wonderd if id h alone or if a girl could ever look past my size an relaize im a good guy im 26yeara old an can honeatly say u can find the girl for u it is possible to have love sooo great that she dosnt care about ur size i've dating witt her for a year an 6months we jus now recently started playing an enjoying one another i love her an treat her like a man should treat his girl wittlh reapect an lottts of love ive been thinkn about introducing a strap on in our relationship cuz im confident ahe will enjoy it an i will enjoy ssatisfying my girl i hope if ur reading this an feel like giving up on love u dont i been singl an a virgin for 25years until found my true love all i can say is be yourself always an when the time comes for u to bring ur size into the relationship be confident aj dont let it seem lik a diaablity she will feed off ur confidence i know an in the end if she dosnt want pruse nothing more than a friendship move an realize she wasnt the one love ur girl for who she is an in return she will do the same an dont be afraid to use toys truat me....
  • my dick is average when hard, i thnk people watch too much porn and except every guy to have a huge foot long scholong, i would rather have a great life and compatible partner then some huge dick hanging around all day
  • hi
    my cock is very small whne soft when hard it is around 5"
    i'm very loose in side my wife
    i'm 66how and still masturbate a lot
    if you like can email me
  • Most people, especially Americans and Euros watch way too much porn. In some parts of Africa its considered an insult to tell someone that they have a huge dick :-) Go onto some of the porn sites and search for the homemade stuff where you can see that the cam is placed somewhere or held by one of the two people and see how big those guys dicks are. Most of them look tiny in comparison to the porn stars. I think porn stars probably make up something like 1% of the population. My brother is hung like a T-Rex and his wife complains that he does not give it to her properly. She is highly unsatisfied. Go figure.......
  • Oh,what a generation.the sales n mkting guys have turned us into a self conscious society to mint their millions.if only pple knew who they are,this post wouldnt exist.
  • i went yo a gum clinic for a check up,when i asked if i used a condom i explained it had come off after examination the nurse advised me due to having a tiny penis i should use a smaller size condom,she gave me some,when a go to the chemist and ask for the smaller size they havnt even heard of them,can anyone tell me where to get them from they are the same lengh as normal ones but a lot thinner,its so embarresing having to ask the chemist for them my penis is 3 inch lengh and 2inch girth
  • my penis is very tiny,i fell in love with a girl and her with me,bbefore she would marry me i had to agree to let her have sex with other men ,i agreed i didnt want to loose her,its worked out fine she always uses a condom and doesnt go with any of my friends,i sleep in the spare bedroom when shas bringing someone home,somtimes more than one man,the sex in the morning is great for me still happily married after 9 years
  • Actually I have been with guys that have huge dicks and small dicks. Having a big one is just an advantage, but does not automatically make them better. To tell the truth itís always the smaller guys that get me off because they actually concentrate on what I want and need. A guy with a big dick just automatically thinks it feels good no matter what heís doing. Plus the G spot is not way up in there its just a few inches in. So often guys with big dicks forget this. There are other features I think is more important like how big the head is. I love a big head because it hits my G spot more easily. Id have to say honestly though, if a guy is loving making love to me, completely enjoying himself he is going to get me off because he is focused on me while enjoying himself as well. Especially if he stimulates other areas as well like touching the parts of me that I know turn him on the most. I love to be made love too. Itís the hottest feeling ever. I donít care how big his dick is if heís not making love to me then his sex is NOT going to be good.
  • My husband has a small dick honestly I do cheat on him when I want to feel like a woman. My ex had 10 inches. But I don't lie to my husband about his size. He gets mad that I won't degrade myself by letting him stick his small dick in my mouth. He also knows better then to slip it in my vigina with out my permisson. Atleast he knows now. He tried fucking me well I was asleep, I woke up tied him up made him cum then fucked him with a Hugh strap on. Ha ha, I didn't use any lube either. He actually cried like a pathetic little bitch. But now he goes by my rules and thanks me for not leaving him. I can't help but laugh sometimes though when I get fucked by a big cock/filled with hot cum and come straight home to see if he notices but his dick always falls in and he actually believes that all the cum pouring out of my vagina comes from me being excited or his little dick. I usually make him lick me clean. Lol, I'm cuckold him with out him knowing it. Oh well. Hate me if you want but size matters to me.
  • Im a girl i have a dick and im lesbo when i have sex with girls they never want to leave mine is small though any girls out there who need a girl not a guy im here boo's come take a test drive at this bitches
  • Dont take too seriously those comments.Im a girl and used to have a big penis boyfriend but now, that I dont, Im so much more satisfy. Pay atention to preliminars and remember that she will love you for what you are, not for what you have. Best,M.
  • Unless your girl friend have a look at other's penis , how will she come's to know that your's small or big.If she knows there will sizes for penis before you fuck her ... Then leave her buddie...she wil not be a virgin before you do ........
  • i have a 6.75 average thickness, i never had a girl who didnt orgasm. I am like a leech, I get into women's head, most owmen are insecure, I find it out and make them feel so good about themselves. fell good about their boides. trust me women are worried teir fat thighs so they dont notice men's penis size
  • I'd like to be big enough so that I could ejaculate into my mouth every day. But if every guy was the same they might bother a lot less with women and the human race would eventually disappear.

  • I am a 33 y/o woman, no kids, and have been told by current boyfriend (and prior ones) AND my OB-GYN that I am "tight."
    Now, I've been with 6 men over my entire sexual career, we'll call it. My current boyfriend of 9 years is 8.25" and I love it. In addition to him being a great size, he knows how to eat me out like a porn star, and is amazingly good when it comes to sex. I've never had a complaint with him, or from him about me.
    I've read all the comments about size, personality, and how the guy treats you, which are valid, but as we all comes down to 2 words... PERSONAL PREFERENCE.
    The smallest guy I was ever with was 4" hard, 2" around (barely), and not hard (at his hardest.) In addition, he could NOT eat, and masturbated with his thumb and forefinger. When I saw that, I was like.. WHOA. I felt bad. In addition, I BARELY felt him in me. Actually no I'm lying.....I NEVER felt him in me. Being tight, I did my best, and he always came in 10-12 seconds. He was boring as hell, unintelligent, and quiet.

    My current boyf is all that and then some. Loving, honest, hardworking, interesting, intelligent, and VERY handsome. I consider myself very lucky, and, in the interest of being fair, found it necessary to step up my game as well. I started going to the gym, always looking/smelling my best, hair done, and doing my part to look good and make HIM proud. Honestly, I know what I got, and will work at keeping my 8"+ man happy!!!!

    Best of luck to everyone. Small guys, there ARE women out there for you. Like the old saying, "There's an ass for every seat."

    XOXO Love.
  • I dated a guy with a big dick. IT HURT LIKE HELL. I was all ripped apart. I dated a guy with a regular dick but he did NOT know how to use it nor did he understand how to give oral. I dated a guy with a smaller dick and he not only rocked the oral (meaning he takes the time to learn what a girl likes, not just assumes that by the second he puts his dick in her she will be coming in a second) but the sex is amazing. I cant wait to see him again and will be doing my kegels to make my p*ssy supertight for him.

  • Tell the whole world the truth about the normal size of a man's penis.Do women really need long & bigger size packages into their hub?According to your research what's the percentage of men with less than 5''dick when hard?What is the maximum size of a normal dick?It seems most of the men are anxious about the size of the penis.But the truth is,PERFORMANCE matters more than the SIZE of the dickGuys be what you are.If your partner doesn't fool around you'll make it.Ladies stick to one partner & you'll enjoy the sex.
  • oh wow.... womens get orgasm with their finger in 2-7 minutes so... if you got bigger penis than their finger its all good..
  • these people here are so nice but the truth is is hard to find a female thats gona be satisfiyed with a nolmal size when shes had bigger so yes the smaller you are the harder it is to find love am in my 30,s and am stiill single hey i dont think am gona ever find love ive been tying for the last 15 years and the truth is in the end they all leave me for bigger or because am not big enuff and they tell me so hey i have it really bad and have to live with it for the rest of my life
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  • my wife toldme for years my size was perfect. . then I found out within about a year and a half she had hopped on 7 other men behind my back. . .hmmmm. SO, I said, well, why dont we have an open relationship and you let me watch these men do you. . . she doesn't want that. .now she wants to "settle down" and be a family. .honestly. . . .W T F??????
  • My boyfriend is having 3 inch of penis with 2cm dia. When I had sex with him for the first time I couldnt enjoy as it was paining. After a year we again tried but still it pained but was not able to reach an orgasm. Which position shud we try?
  • Wanna see something amazing? This man can bring a woman to orgasm without touching her. And he can do it by phone, and take women into orgasms at the other end of the world. and
  • I hate it when a larger one hit my cervix...I'm a petite girl of 5'2" and it was uncomfy for some parts...

    I'm with a guy who's 5.5-6, and it's great!
  • some people are just imature and are just sluts thats why they need huge dicks... if a woman really loved you she wouldnt care about your dick size shed still enjoy it because its you :) good luck xo
  • I dunno, I'm emotionally connected to my guy, it's not all just emotional, sometimes I wish he was a little bit bigger. Not for visual like I read over, but because I wanna feel it deep in me. Sex is good alot of times but like I said sometimes it'd be nice if he was a lil bigger.. ii don't care is pussys are made to stretch to fit blah blah... I'm a tiny girl and only have him as a partner it fits nicely but doesn't hit all the deeper spots I like at times. But hey things like spankings and dirty talk help distract from that a bit.
  • and also for the person who said women get themselves off with their fingersss.. That's cuz we know exactly where do rub and feel... Sometimes I like being fingered by my partner more than fucked because their fingers find all the right spots. Dicks, especially smaller dicks can't hit all those spots. Vaginas are freakin complicated. Lol
  • that's prob why some men are so dominant .. To make up for their littleman complex.... And "thanks ladies for ruining us"" not our fault.. We were built a certain way... It's always harder for women to get off then men in general, let alone w a small cock that doesn't hit the spots. Take it up w nature not us.
  • there are still other solutions.. a man can increase his penis size with some penis exercises or enhancements.. check they have some good articles about penis enhancement. ciao!
  • i have 7 inches and hurt alot of girls when i thrust hard 6 inches is perfect if a woman needs more than the bitch is probably worn out from woring around
  • I am a 29 year female. I met my husband in college and he was a great guy. We dated on and off and I dated other men. I really loved him and everything was great expect the sex; he was just about 5 inches long. Hereally wanted to get married but I was honest and told me he was too small to satisfyme. He said that he couldn't live without me and if necessary I could sleep with other men when I needed to. We got married 5 years and I have slept with about 12 other men since. It sems I need 7 to 8 inches to really cum. Other than our sex life we are very happy.
  • I am 5feet 6inch tall 18 year's old boy i weight my self 60kg my penis is too small upto 2" i become very shame on me and someone tells that you have a small penis plese say what i have to do to become it atleast 5"
  • I have to say as a woman who has experienced different shapes and sizes that the length of the penis isn't what's going to do the trick. First off, the act should be about love and not sex. For most women it's more about emotional connection. If there's no love there then you don't have any business having intercourse. Second, women are most sensitive at the opening and the g-spot is about 2 inches in. No need to feel anything at the back of the uterus. Third, if you love each other then non of that is going to matter as much as the relationship you share. Any sexual snags can be worked out with different positions or toys if necessary. And that can be fun for both of you. It doesn't make you less and it doesn't mean she'll grow dissatisfied. Keep her feeling loved, beautiful and appreciated and she'll do the same for you. The mind is more important than the nerves in your groin. Love with all your brain!
  • i met my husband in 2005 and he has a small penis and to me size does not matter cause it all depends on how they work it and sex does not matter anyway,as long as you love each husband is so much better in the bedroom than the average man
  • Small cocks rule!
  • i'm a youthful and fit 53 year old man with a lot of women experience, my dick is 5.5 x 4.7 in girth, i have suffered in my youth fearing that i was too small to satisfy...but experience can turn you into a master in the bedroom, am currently seeing 2 younger women that adore me as a lover. Years ago i put my fears aside and realise that by being confident and fit, with the right amount of attention and affection shown, women will claw you in ectasy, i am thus healed to say the least. so guys with smaller dicks, dont dispair but rather concentrate on the job at hand.
  • Having an average dick sucks psychologically. Everywhere you turn, especially the internet, big dicks are waving in your face. Popular culture is obsessed with them. Being average bothers me every day, because who really gives a damn about average? The truth is, who is completely satisfied with shooting for average in their lives in general? Our very nature compels us to desire the best we can get, although "best" is different for every person. Physiology is no different, and it is an unavoidable part of our most basic biology. When we're shown not only from popular culture but also by women (probably the most honest ones) is that in general, they prefer more than average.
    From what I've seen in my life women will almost always seek out huge wieners, and only occasionally in extraordinary circumstances are they actually put off because one is so massive. I'm 26 and packing about 6.25 length and 6 girth. I've definitely never had any complaints, but I'm positive that any woman who is even remotely interested in you for real is not gonna go on about how your pecker is smaller than she wishes it was.
    I have, luckily for my thus far shrinking confidence, been complimented by several different women on its appearance, performance, even size. Maybe the size comments were either to be nice or they just didn't know the difference. Either way, I think it is safe to say that not only have many women never had a gigantic wang, but it isn't always necessary to be hung like Mr. Ed to be very sexually pleasing to a female. It is preferred (at least to a certain extent), but not absolutely necessary for most. Statistically speaking, the more partners she has over her life the more larger-than-average specimens she will experience so it is not as much of an issue for those with less experience.
    I can say with certainty that the women I know that have had a fair deal of partners (15 or more, give or take) want the big dick. However, I also know many of them have "settled" (if you will) on average or smaller and enjoy them.
    There's always a bigger dick out there than you (for most of us) and there really isn't a damn thing you can do about it. The age of information is upon us, and anybody with an internet connection or ears, really, can see that small and average is not usually desirable. It's unbelievably depressing when you know you're just average, and worse when you're below.
    There is good news though. There are a hell of a lot more physiologically average women out there than there are above average, just like there are men. The average woman will be reasonably satisfied with an average or less dick, just like the average guy like myself will be reasonably satisfied with a woman who has small breasts, big ass, whatever given there are other things she has that are desirable. On top of that, there is a lot more to sex than physical appearance and perfection. I know I can make a girl squeal time and time again, and I am fairly convinced that any guy can do it. The only partners I've had that didn't get off were those that were late-night drunken encounters that were sloppy and not really good for anybody. I pride myself on getting women off because whether you're packing a foot long or not, they will give you props if you can do it and do it good. If you haven't figured out how to make her cum using your imagination or she hasn't told you yet, do some research. You can find anything online, for christ sake. I even got some of those ridiculous enlargement pills online. Jury's still out on if they do anything.
    Basically, I share your depression but never forget that you can make most chicks happy in the bedroom one way or another, and that most guys are not far off from you. Thinking that you have a small wanker and worrying about it all the time will eat you up, and its a lot harder to get women in the first place and then please them if you're thinking about that. You have to do the best with what you have, just like the flat chested strippers out there. I wouldn't turn them down and neither would you, and you know it.
  • As a man we have that thought in the back of our minds...but I truly believe its a mental thing, I'm circumcised, not erected I'm a size of a thumb but erected I'm bout a good 6".....and have had more than a handful of girlfriends....and now that I'm married my wife counts the days and bitches its been to long of a time that I don't give her dick.......I think that speaks for it self!......
  • Really? This is shit. I wanted A picture!!!!! >=<
  • I'm black 5'7" with a small penis 1.3 soft 3.2 erect 4.3 girth I can bring my wife to orgasm most of the time if I take my time with a lot of for play and positions were she is tighter and I can get deeper also she does kegels and my little guy seems to stay hard as long as it takes to get the job done
  • hun,if a girl is that shallow to not like you because of your dick size she is not worth it.. i dont think size matters i think its what you do with it.. and i think if you really care about someone you will not care about there dick size
    hope i helped..
    if you needa talk comment back your email and ill send you one back
    jordie x
  • 1.Small size penis can give to ANY woman satisfaction as long as she wants to have sex and she choose not to care about the size.

    2.Big penis DOES matter to everybody , as a matter of fact a big one is so attractive that both women and men give money to watch it do things.

    3.Not every woman can demand a big one as not everywoman is sexy cleaver and socialized enough.

    4.Most of the time women don't like to share , especially close to their 30s they try to find a more shy/reliable/stable penis so they can have it for themselves. Still they will cheat once a while just to satisfy their ego that they still deserve a big one.

    5.A big one is always something interesting for every woman to play and experiment with without the need of strong emotions. That doesnít mean that the owner of the cock will be much interested of the woman needs as he can chose easily any woman as there is high demand for his size.


    7.No 6 is the ONLY SOLUTION to the small penis problem.

    8.No 6 creates a new problem that man/woman of the couple might feel weak and bad for themselves both and the relationship will probably not have any impulsive structure which sex needs in order to be good. A good salary can make some difference.

    9.No 6 is still the ONLY SOLUTION , remember the most important things of our life have been given to us without our opinion. The only thing that we can do is to take advantage of our life time anyway we want.

    10.A small penis is maybe the most serious problem but that doesnít mean that the owner will avoid cancer , accidents , physical pain , heart attack etc. Nature gives sadness so a happy person can feel also lucky.
    Happiness is not a gift for everybody , some people have to search other paths in their life. Curiosity of the next day can be enough for make somebody breath for many years.
  • Fuck all you woman who want big dicks you cum guzzling whore bag nasty ass bitches
  • yo ho..
  • Any chick that thinks that a huge dick is the best is welcome to try me. I'm 6", approx what most guys are... I've rocked the shit out of a lot of women in my day and pounded the fuck out of them so hard their pussies hurt for days. They've came all over the ceiling harder than they ever had before. I dated my neighbour for a while and before we slept together she admitted she had been very promiscuous her whole life, even having threesomes, etc.. and had lots of "huge" guys... When I got her into bed, she moaned like a virgin when I was banging her because of how I was hitting all her spots and moving my cock around inside her. Also, I can rub myself against her clit.. If a cock is too oversized all you get is vaginal penetration and no grinding against a hot wet clit which drives girls wild when having sex with them. Penetration by a nice sized 6" cock and clit stimulation at the same time is one hell of a combination and unfortunatley for oversized cocks is something they will never be able to do... Well.. they could use a finger but it's not the same or as a hot as a set of abs griding their wet mound as they're being fucked. When my neighbour orgasmed, she was yelling how it has never felt that intense and afterwards she looked me straight in the eye and said "My Fucking God, You are something else!!! No dick has ever fucked me that good before or made my pussy so wet".... Oversized dicks have ZERO finesse, can't maneuver around anywhere nearly as good as a rock hard 6" cock. Having my sized dick lets me fill a girls pussy up with cock and still be able to move it around to hit all her spots in different ways including grinding against her clit and not poking the top of her cervix painfully... She told me that big dicks only have one move. In and out and she'd never want a big dick again now that she knows what a real cock can do and make her feel. The average guy is 5 - 7 inches which is the ideal size. The average size is the best all around tool for a guy to have if he wants to completely please a girl in bed in many different ways. Oversized guys are all 'proud' because it's bigger? wow..Congrats. You're cock is useless and could never please a girl in the way a normal size cock can. Some girls like a big dick because it stretches them but that's the only trick it's got....
  • i read all that all the text and i am sure no one male is like to sex with a small penis but he can satisfy their wife with small penis by using some ideal techniques that are given in above text
  • I HAVE A 0.5 INCH PENIS AND IT IS 1 INCH WHEN ERRCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
  • I got a dick about 8inches and I couldn't please my size queen gf so I dumped her after like 2years of killing myself to try make her happy, and got with a hot little decision of my life
  • Ok well I'm gonna go with get plastic surgery because well mines eight I had to read a few books lol it helps I've been with mote experienced women only eighteen but never had a women tgat didn't say your the best anything over six or seven kinda pointless if she takes care of herself
  • My penis is 5.8 inches and when I get hard its 7.3 inches and I'm only 17. It dosent matter about size dude
  • dude dont worry about a small penis because my gf thinks i am big but i am not and i have shown her pic of other men pubic regin but see says it just the camra angle ps i am small and i can make her cum with i 4 in errct so the
    so the sumary of the stroy is even if you .1 in errct you can still push girls buttons in other ways and be the best she has ever had in bed
  • i think i may not be able to please my girlfriend b'cuz she has seen soo many kinds of dick and sucked on few bt still a virgin n i think am da smallest please i need advice bcuz i love her n i want to please her in bed
  • my boyfriend has a small penis but he is sooo beautiful and he knows how to treat a girl ;) i wish he was bigger but hes only 4.8 in !!he doesnt mind i have other men on the side too ! isnt he perfect :) hehe
  • Of course sige doesnot matter but if your wife demand big one than what will be your position. Though I am fully confident about my work well but her willing has created doubt about her search with others to have big one.
  • I hv a small dick bent to left side and am sure da i can fuck short,tall,and 4rom 10-90years lady
  • I have a 4"penis and i know its small but as long as you
    Don't let the girls your having sex with thay dont know you just have to know how to use your penis i have had sex with at least 8 girls and thay all injoyed it you just have to start by eating there pussy and licking and kissing there bodys thay will injoy your small dicks that do mine.
  • Dis is crazyy size doesnt matter ... For all yuh quys dhat ya kool n shit cus yuh have ah qood size well ya stupid...
  • Why wil my penis not grow up
  • Why wil my penis not grow up
  • Some women need big dicks because they are to husband isn't big at all and he gets me to moan...its takes me longer to cum then it does him but I have that problem with any size dick...I dated a black guy that had a 9 inch dick and I perter my husbands 6 inch any day...a dick is only there to hit the g spot...there are many ways to make a women is a proven fact that size doesn't matter...don't listen to these dumb ass people that say it positive about urself before you expect someone else too...good luck!!
  • it can be a problem in sex life but if a girl loves you, it shudnt matter. just find a petite girl to find the perfect size lol!
  • I have always enjoyed a big penis... The guy I am with now is very small and he makes me feel better than any guy I have been with so don't worry. You just have to find the right girl.
  • Why do women even know the measurements of dicks? I'm assuming that the men they were with said these most likely made up numbers. It seems that a like a 4 incher might not work that well. I was born with about a 5.75 incher. I have had sex with maybe 35 people. I always try to make girls cum 3 times. I don't believe this hoopala that women aren't cumming from vaginal sex because I always succeed in this area. There was only 1 person out of the 35, where I put my penis in the girl's hole and it was like a cavern. It is difficult for us to feel secure about or penis size. I don't exactly know why. We want it to be visually and tactily pleasing.
  • ha ha
  • Large penis only go so deep based on the woman physical makeup. I had a threesome (two dudes and one girl) and dude's shit was bigger than mine by an inch or two but his hard-on paled compared to mine. I drove her hard and made her scream, moan, and squirm; he just made moan. I Most women only need a few inches to get off. Think about it, you rub her clit with you finger you can get her to climax. Also, remember women are built similar to men, some have deep wells other have shallow wells, find one that can handle yours. Shit I have had so many women that I know for a fact they come in all different depths, I knew which I would sex again based on how I felt inside 'em. Some of them had guys with larger penis and wanted to leave them for me, because I hit it right. Get over your size for they are just like us and want someone to please 'em. don't have to eat the kitty if you know what you doin'.
  • i love my boyfriend so much,and yes he has a small penis,but i think once you do find someone that you love,then nothing else matters. You'll be fine:)
  • Lads ur taking a bad approach to this. I got it goin on but I don't put it down to that. There's a mythodical approch to fucking and you gotta get that sorted rather than worrying about your knob. Sex isn't big penis + pounding vagina=orgasm. I fucked more than my fair share and 80% of those girls couldn't make me come with their assets. The other 20 just knew what sex was really all about.
  • Speaking from my personal experience....
    My husband of 14 years has a small penis, I would say 4"or less erect (he is reading over my shoulder and says "that's a generous estimate!"). He is also shorter than myself with a large nose and what most of his friends refer to as "handsome in his mother's eyes only" looks. I am attractive in a traditional Barbie doll kind of way. 5"9", long blonde hair, blue eyes, D cup breasts, good figure, nice legs etc. All of his male friends, acquaintances, business associates and others can't seem to figure out how he "got" me. Never mind that he is smarter, kinder, funnier, more successful and an all around better human being than I (it was I who got him!). Truth be told, to look at us from the outside, we look like the odd couple but I cannot get enough of him sexually. He is always leaning over and whispering something like "You look like a Norse goddess in that dress" or "The smell of your skin is driving me wild". At the end of our third date, he kissed me goodnight so slowly and sweetly I could feel it in my toes, then made me cum just by brushing his lips on my neck and the very tips of his fingers on my nipples.

    The man has skills.

    I cannot imagine it would be any better if he had a 10" penis or none at all. As I type, he is chuckling behind my back but it's so true. He has said he spent a good chunk of time in his youth worrying about how he was going to find a girlfriend until he found out what women wanted had very little to do with his own physical appearance.

    To all the men out there who are wasting their energy worrying about their size, you would most likely do better to spend your time figuring out how make a women feel good about herself, how to work with the equipment you have, and how to stimulate a women's most important sexual organ. Her brain.

    For the gentleman who cannot find smaller sized condoms at the drugstore: We were able to order on the internet 14 years ago, surely this is still the case.
  • IT DOES MATTER. I met the nicest guy in the world, but how can I date him knowing I'd never marry him because he could never satisfy me.
  • how do i know the size of my penis.And can a small penis satisfy or give virgina orgasm?
  • I get embarrassed when I'm in the shower after swimming or gym. My penis flaccid is 3" by 4". Seems so small. But wen erect I'm 6"2 by 5"4 so I'm not tiny, but still makes me fill like shit to think my bird prob got destroyed by her ex. Who's well over 6ft tall. So he's probably a king of the swingers.†
    I make sure I make her orgasm every time for piece of mind that I'm adequate. I'm lucky to be able to last well over 2 hrs (or 2 mins if I decide), due to a back problem wen I was a kid. So I guess u win sum, u lose sum.†

    I've never measured my penis b4 today, so was surprised to be over 6". I measured 3 times. †"maybe the measure tape is faulty" lol.†
    But for the dudes that are paranoid, I'd say if u love the person, don't worry, she won't care, but if it's a random bird, who gives a shit? Do it for urself! As long as YOU cum.†
  • Where can someone get a Penis surgery in n.w.,Ga. in USA & how much does it cost ? So the desired size is : 8.25"x6"?
  • Im 21yrs old nd my cock is around 7.5-8inches in length nd 5.5 in girth..we humans hv different kinda tastes bt i wld say d bst thing is 2 knw hw to satisfy ur woman in d best way possible..a good sex doesnt depend on hw large or small a dick is bt on hw well u pound d hell outta dem nd mke em cum..
  • betta buy a dildo n satisfy ur wife
  • So woman would want a 8.25"x6"of thickness maybe eventually if she is a ungrateful of stuff , non-religious , mouthy , type ?So how much would that cost to get the surgery if someone has a 4" penis on a 5'10" male , adult , & where as in what address in n.w.,Ga.,usa ?
  • post a pic of it
  • So no one has ever heard of "AndropenisGold" then ? Google it or "Andropenis Information".

    Surgery is not the only way to get a big dick, and you don't have to be stuck with what you have.
  • I am an average sized guy..around 5.5 * 4 "..I never was worried bout the size of my penis as I used to really enjoy sex, not just the intercourse but the entire session of loving making and I feel my partners enjoyed too cos we knew each other well n werent strangers and I think I know the ART :) but then I married this girl with whom I fell in love in just 3 months and decided to marry cos I felt she was the one and so did she! we made love before we tied the knot and it was awesome!! but just after few months of being married while we were chattin post orgy session, she said that she wishes my size was a little bigger and that her ex BF had a bigger dick than mine!!! I should accept that my world all of a sudden came down on me..the feeling was so heavy that it disnt make me feel good but weak bout maself!! it churned my tummy every second!! I din know wat to say in dat shock but just managed to put a smile n said "Even I wish!" but honestly had never ever wished anytime before cos I was never thought I was small..For few months I was kinda depressed and used to think bout it a lot and find ways how to make it big but never spoke to my wife bout being insecure..we continued having sex and I made sure that she cums everytime time and mayb more than once! there was a conscious effort from my side to give her pleasure than feelin my own..cos seein here moan was more pleasurable to me now thinkin that shes not missin her ex!!!!! n actually I was able to continue for long!! an hour of love makin session became an average and I just din wanted to cum early!! then I realised how BIG a role our brains play!
    Will accept that this issue that ma wife raised chewed my brains so much unlike any other in my entire 27 years of life..mayb i wouldnt have thought so much if she were my GF but now that I am married & Love her deeply..sometimes a bad question cross over sayin "was she really the one to fall in LOVE n get MARRIED to?" I have never spoken bout this to anybody till date and not even to my wife cos I am scared where I would get to hear somethn that would hurt me even more..Hence this long post as I am feelin nice to share my experience after readin that I am not the only one who was bothered bout the size!!
    Now, honestly I don think much bout it and tend to concentrate on life, job and other responsibilities of being an adult...but have an advice to all women who would read this..PLEASE do not comment if you find ur guys penis small no matter if you are a frank n open hearted, truth spoken person..if it bothers u then just dump him givin reasons other than his size n move me its the WORST thing that a guy could hear!! and if hes weak minded like a few posts by men that I read here that they wanna end their life!! Imagine to wat extent u would inflict poison in their minds! WOW thank GOD I am not weak minded and happy that I have functional vital organs, fit ( physically n mentally) and intelligent..I am sure you guys are too, so channel it by doing somethin your social well the needy..the old age people..the orphans..the happiness u would get by seein them happy would make this world a better place to live..guys, happiness doesnt depend just on the size of a dick..there are many more qualities that I am sure every one has in form or the other..DO u think Albert Einstein would have measured his dick anytime to see where he fits? he was more occupied measurin the HUGE space around us..explore things and ul be amazed with what mother nature has to offer back! I know this is not a good example but dont get me wrong thinkin that I am talkin bout science n bullshit..just do things that wil make people happy n ur parents proud bout u..the society doesnt care if u have a small in various forms is wat matters to them n its somethn that all of us can offer! Enjoy life with wat u me if u think deeper u would feel really lucky bout urslef that atleast u have functional eyes to watch all the beautiful colours of life unlike blind people! Would u compromise ur eyes for a bigger dick??? Guys who are worried their dick is small..worry no more..Somethin is better than nothn!! :)
    Note: I don wish for a big dick now but I still wish my wife hadnt commented!!! lol
    Have fun and great life ahead.............................
  • im only 5 inches I'm a virgin and I have a very tight foreskin.. Help
  • A little funny story for you all, Enjoy! :)

    The last girl i was with went to the bank on our first date and while she was gone I was approached by a guy claiming to be her Ex boyfriend. He warned me about her, saying she's a size queen and cheated on him and previous guys, also likes to gossip with her friends and with yours and likes to make fun of your insecurities privately and publically.

    I figured this guy was just bitter, but i kinda thought the dude was cool and funny, he seemed sincere.
    So I began to stay nights at her parents place with her and I noticed that this Ex of hers i met lived a couple of doors up from her, I would often see him when i went outside for a smoke and over 2 weeks we would talk and he occasionally would throw a funny insult about her.

    So about 3 weeks into things, one day he hands me an envelope with some extremely graphically revealing and down right shady pictures of her, which to me proved that she had been lying about herself and disguising her real self. I wasnt in love so i wasnt hurt I just agreed to myself i would be careful.

    So we began rooting eachother and lots of good noise and smells and sweat etc, I felt that I performed quite well, but since I am NOT small!! Im 6" and the name for that is just NORMAL!! Im not a huge penis packin bloke either. But naturally, my mind starts ticking, I thought did she fake it, how'd she rate my old fella, and startin heckin about her report on my dick! Instead of stating it's true normal/average stature shell probably convieniantly forget that inbetween/middle size category and put me and my boy in the small dick category.

    Not to sure how she trully felt about the experience, but hey on the 2nd occasion she had no trouble letting me know, lil bitch pulled my foreskin and said its a marquee for the perlimen and began to giggle, yeh I know thats pretty funny but i dont have perlis, I dont mind laughing at myself, but I did mind it when my mates began telling me things they heard from her and heard from her friends.

    The more time we were together the more familiar and less new and exciting I became to her and the less respect she had for me, so man she really started to make fun of me during sex Eg. like in the movie (forgetting Sarah Marshal) she did this to me "mm mm mm mm mm mm I just came!" Damm this bitch was funny, but I couldnt let her get away with this and allow it to continue.

    Sooo I showed her the pics I had of her and said I think its about time we sat down and discussed what constitutes private, in our private life from now on. Now I knew this would work cause she was very image conscious and very embarassed and concerned about what trouble these photos could cause her hahahaha! Cause she acted and sang and modelled and aspired to be famous lol.

    So I said, all that my mates, your girls and mainly I need to know from you is that I am nothing less than KING KONG OK!!, so you will make me feel strong like bull always and then I wont show the whole world these bright, brilliant digital quality photos that are so completely obviously you!

    Anyway I just used her after that for practice so that my game is on point for a special girl with a real heart and can be satisfied, happy and content with a NORMAL dick and the great, friggin awesome guy its attached to :)

    And you know what that bitch wasnt exactly spectacular herself, even if she said I needed to make up for the lack of pleasure achieved by my penis by going x2 or x3 on the oral, it just wasnt an option, I could NOT bring myself to lick her pussy, not after the smell of alien funk I was greeted with from that area on every sexual encountor.

    Yeah you wernt perfect ! ! ! Your pussy stank violently! And showering only lightened the stench slightly. I should have teased her back and said "I knew it was you! I could smell ya gettin off the elevator!"

    P.S Im top mates with that Ex of hers today, he's cool as and we go creepin together.
  • i dated a girl that told me i was a good "starter size" im jus shy of 8 inches and thick as my wrist but was afraid of playing a girl coz she wouldnt love me for the sex, i spent my whole childhood and teen years jus longing for that one girl i would let take me away and in turn take her. i screwed up, the first girl i dated was a wannabe slut and i fell for her, i bagged 3 more just the same till i came to realize most girls want to just get it and will go big or send him home. i now have a gf that was with black guys, she will tell me the 10 inch monsters that tore her up while she was young and interested... so she was a 13 yr old cock hungry slut that took the biggest. but she never felt a guy kiss and touch her the way i do, she told me all the guys she banged and accually taking a full 10 inch cock coz she was high, bragging to me, tryin to impress me when she fell for me. i told her i was 5 inches while i was going down on her. im the only one to get her off, so the answer is it rly doesnt matter, except if ur to have a long healthy relationship that guna make a girl stay, a little penis enlargment never hurt nobody.. well not us ;) so work whatever majic you have, i used emotions to get in a girls heart ... tho dont fall for the easy ones, they arent taken for a reason. be preppared to be used alot to and learn to like it. my first i broke up with and she anded up with a guy that she was always flirting with, she was satisfied even tho he had a accuall 5 inch and thin but he would apparently take the 2 hrs of pure eating her out that i couldnt deliver. so i lost out on alot of pussy because a girl told me i was small even tho i have a decent cock, and it keeps growing the more i get get in touch with my sexuality. now im high and am jabbering but if this posts, take my experience at face value, i learned to make a girl cum before i learned they all just want to get fucked... which is where blaack guys score out. and dads apparently to, girls ive dated r so messed, i attract the troubled ones and i turn them into something they always wanted... confident. while i get left in the dust. tho my gf now is perfect shes been with the biggest meanest cocks i would dare any girl to take on, and she did it willing and wanting, started with an 9 inch as big as the 10 incher black one when she was 13 skippin school drinkin, well im guessing hes getting her drunk to give her insactly what she wants.... ahhh romania, i make her tell me everything, its so hot to hear everything i ovoided to do to girls that were young dumb and needing something that some old prolly black perv is guna destroy and she will love it, that he even wants her... ugh i can ramble fantasies all night lol, im currently getting her to fuck me as her formewr cock hungry 13 year old self, and roleplaying thing that people would be ashamed to talk about. yes i and my gf r knowingly sexually fucked and we want to experiment with a guy who wants to be dominated, ive fucked a guy once, he was small and i was drunk and curiouse... it hurt but i loved taking the cock. anyone wanna chat my gf jus went to bed and im high and horny and cant stop talking apparently
  • i feel for you man, small dick marks you as a girly toy for life, learn to eat a good pussy buddy. or invest in some penis enlargement. tho i can say chinese guys r naturally small, u chinese? go find urself a virgin chinese girl, short and with dadyy issues, she will want only to please you and love every inch you have that her dad didnt have to give her!!! hah. i know coz i had a 3some with a dude he was so takin by my "huge" cock i never knew i had till much after him that he couldnt even get it up, and i was letting him play with my gf as i fucked her, she begged him to fuck her in the ass feeling sorry for the kid, i felt for him. tho i would deff want to get any gf he had in bed to show her what a real cock is like, but thats an old story...
  • my gf is ex black fucker, she tried to take a 10 inch monster i would only fantisize letting fuck my girlfriends.. usually if ive decided to use them and treat them as they want, inside. horny i am, and high, wanna chat sex experiences anyone. i love getting my gf to tell me how it felt taking a monster black cock... god lucky fucker destroyed my gf and 2 of her friends.. tho for some reason he got mine first.. its hot to imagine my gf doing those thing tho she doesnt even like it anymore and i make her think of it!!!
  • im jus shy of 8 inches, 6 thick. i grew up thinking i had a small dick!! like my first gf could handle it even (when i took her virginity she thought i wasnt, but i was fucking this girl for the first time in her moms bed... so hot. she was small skinny and needed to take a cock she could never handle.. dont fall for these kind!!
  • it wont let me post, is there a limit
  • okay well post my comment plzz, i tried not to make any insults but ppl can learn about my experience. thanks..
  • hi bro's,i'm happy make my life happy size not yhe matter love allways play the name of love not the size... so all big dick u are allways a looser making love allway win love not money but love love god bless
  • Actually, size does matter. Thats just the plain cold truth anyone saying it doesnt is a liar. No offense.
  • My lovers have been mostly large but one of them was a smaller man. He was the most amazing pussy eater I have ever been with. He was the only guy I ever ENJOYED anal sex with too. She is out there go find her!
  • Why hasn't anyone mentioned the fact that a small penis can reach and keep reaching, repeatedly, the part of the vagina where we feel the most sensation? Big feels good, but damn! Small feels really good, too!
  • Women prefer big dicks they will put up with a small one if they love the guy. Fact not fiction. If you are less than 8 inches they will always be hankering after bigger guys. Even a half inch ie 7 half to 8 is like the difference between a guy whos 5 ft 9 and one who's 6th.
  • just fuck and bust one. who gives a shit.
  • Just fucking kill yourself as you are no good for anyone anyways!!!!!
  • married for 17yrs... size helps after 3 kids... bigger is better... women just feel bad to say so because it sounds mean and may reflect poorly on them...

    my wife finally confessed she would enjoy bigger but doesn't dwell on it... she says I am great, feels full with me, best oral sex ever, has orgasms with me... she has nothing to complain about

    That is what she says... here is what I say... I believe I am a great lover and she is very very satisfied with me emotional and physically... but I know a bigger one will take her to heaven and back...

    For men who don't really know... watch amateur porn and how a women reacts or buy a 10" toy and watch how your women reacts...

    All things being equal... the woman will always choose bigger... and any woman who says otherwise is either 1) lying 2) never has had one
  • my penis head is not yet separated likewise others m very tensed
  • I haven't had much sex but I have had about three different sizes and none of them caused a penetration orgasm. Not all women have those. If the girl is mature and really wants companionship and love it won't matter. Smaller can be better because they don't ram your uterus to death and they don't choke you during oral. Bigger is not always better. If your length happy is 3" or less you can always have surgery to have it lengthened if you want. Look for love and it will all work out. Stamina is more important to most women. Who cares how big you are if it only last 15 min. Recovery is important too those one time guys don't do as well as a guy who is up and ready for action again in about 15 to 20 min. :)
  • It's better to be a beast with a small cock than a wimp with a big one!
  • Is it fine if the penis is 4 inc to have sex
  • How do we measure a penis is it by using tailor tape rule or how ?
  • mine is 6 long and 5and 3/4 thick and i met the love of my life finally only to realize that she was very premiscous and had an ex boyfriend with a HUGE dick, but i cannot satisfy her with intercourse and she always gives me the bullshit line that it is fine and she doesnt want a big one, lol, fucking depressing as hell, she cheated on me the firsst 2-3 months we were togrther and im sure it was only cause she wasnt mgetting sayisfied with mine and couldnt tell me. i worry 24/7 about my dick and if she is still cheating or going 2 again' yea were not a good physical fit but everything else is perfect. i can make her squirt with my mouth and hands but not my dick,sad, never got her off with my dick b4 no matter how long i last or fast i go or hard i pound i cant do anything, she lied and said she cant count on one hand how many times shes gotten off with intercourseand its not my dick. so 2 painfully prove it to myself i bought a sleeve that added 2" lenghth and 1.5" girth and with about 8 minuts of sex she got off and fluids just flowed out, my POINT IS PROVEN 2 all women that say size doesnt matter. and 2 people that say be happy and confident with whatever u are blessed with, "eat my shit", cause our maker was very un fair when making us to say the least. how am i supposed 2 b happy and cofident that i wasnt created good enough to satisfy with intercourse the one i love so much but guys in her past had no problems at all getting my woman off, not FAIR!btw she doesnt just come out and tell me these details, i worked very hard pcycologicallyy on her to torture me with this info that hurts SO! bad so all u with huge dicks fuck u and and all u in my situation, your 4 sure not alone.
  • Im 5'3" tall and im 24 yrs old and my dick is 11 inches long man it is to big for my girls my height. Someone help me.
  • i agree
  • According us . we asked to umpteen girls, women's about this as a survey team. some of them were married and some unmarried and some of those who has job to see latest to latest penis every single night. ^ 60% females give us feedback size doesn't matter if the male is too sexy. if he has a stamina to keep doing sex till the she said ok now enough. Or the he should know some orgasm. multifarious poses. the passion while doing. rub her body . take her in heaven get feel her satin ambition feelings. more then more play with her. that worth other hand if the small or thick penis person just come and fuck her without any real feelings that pathetic
  • having a dick is good because u can have sex with a woman not a man
    But in reality,God has created woman with g_spot,
    which is the main Part of vagina.G_spot is upto 3 to
    4 inch deep.So if you have atlease 4.5 *4.5 inch penis
    Just take a logic of GIRL'S MUSTERBATING.
    They can satisfy themselves with only a finger.
    So why not a 4 inch Penis,It is much bigger than finger
    SO, FUCK THEM.After all, woman are borned To BE FUCKED.
  • I'm 5" circumcised with a 5" girth been married to my wife for over 20 yrs now.
    Before she met me she had been in loads of relationships in her words "I was very promiscous from an early age" anyways she says my penis is fine and she loves it but why oh why do I not believe her!
    One time I was fucking her and I felt her hand down at my dick and I'm sure the way she squeezed it she was checking to see if it was still erect!
    Does size matter it sure as hell matters!
    What gets me is the fact that she's been fucked and those other cocks have reached places in my wife's vagina I could only dream about.
  • Shave ya pubs... it worked for me.
  • Here I'm 15 and my tool is lik 6 inches is that small?
  • The only women who obsess about penis size are the ones with giant vaginas.
  • I am 7.25" long. The first time my wife wrapped her hand around my erect penis, she said, "oh my god, your dick is really big. She interrupted our love making to get a cloth tape measure. I thought she was going to measure my length, which is what everyone normally compares. She then wrapped the tape around my hard dick to measure my girth. My girth measured 6.9". She never did measure my length but was really turned on with my girth. She is extremely tight and loves how big around my dick is.
  • its not bout size and you can always take pills to make your dick not 6in but 6ft long-its possible-
  • I have been dating a wonderful man for 6months.He is 22years older then me.which it's isn't a problem with the age
    The problem OS the other we tried to have sex for the first time.This didn't go so whole he is only three inches.We tried every position and couldn't make it or the condom work
    I'm a very sexual woman even though I've only beemeith three men.My last partner made be crazy about sex.I'm so sick of toys I canny stand it.I want a body not a plastic dick. This guy is so great and wonderful .I don't want to hurt his feeling.I just know me and how I am.In the end I would end up cheating on him.So the other day I made up a reason not to talk to him anymore.I miss him like crazy and he is probably the best man I could find.

  • Hope you read this as it is way dow here. Size??? Matters not. I have the proof. Its all about getting to know ur womans body and what turns her on what she likes. Do that work what u have and she will never want to stop. Help her discover her self and communicate. The rest plays its self out. She will be.... Well, orgasam after orgasam. I know what its like when its faked. My girl has had three in a row that were not faked and she was done. I had to stop cus she coould not go on anymore had to take a break. Sorry for being so explicit. But its the truth. And guess what. Im not big. I just took the time to get to know what works for her and she loves it. Work what u were blessed with and your woman will get more than she can handle. Truth be tould. Keep at it, but for the right reason cus thats what works.
  • #1: Unless you're BELOW 5 inches, you're not small. No woman has the right to complain about a man who is at least medically average. Just saying, since too many men think unrealistic, porn star sizes are "normal."

    #2: Too many comments here culminate into an onslaught of pure stupidity. I feel dumber for having read many of them. You can safely ignore most of them.

    #3: Work with what you have. Foreplay and hand stimulation can make up for a lot.
  • I was dealing with a man with a very small penis, the condom always got stuck inside me and he never made me cum not even when he went down on me. We recently had a very very bad argument and names was being called so l made fun of how small his dick was, it is literally no bigger than a 5yr old little boys penis. If he wasn't such an asshole I could have looked over it, but being small, can't eat pussy, and a natural born asshole, well he better get use to being lonely cuz with those 3 flaws combined he's going to be lonely for a long time if not forever.
  • I like all sizes. But, I do prefer a man who's responsible, attractive and in-shape. If you're also clean, healthy and a nice guy, then you're my type.

    Penis size may matter to some, but if I like a man, I will work with what he's got, no matter the size because there are many different and unique things you can do with each size. This is where creativity comes into play. And, there is nothing more pleasurable then creativity.

    But, when it comes to size for size's sake, here's my analogy: No matter how big the building is, if the power switch in the basement lights up the whole place as bright as day, it does not matter how big or small the switch is.

    So, no matter what size penis the man has, he can have and give very intense pleasure if he knows how. I've been with men of all sizes. Tall ones: 5'11" to 6'9" with small, thin penises, and had truly incredible sexual experiences with them. Short ones: 5'6" to 5'10" tall, with huge penises and had truly incredible sexual experiences with them.

    But, I'll let you in on a little secret: In my experience (about 150 men during my life) the tall, handsome muscle men with the small penises, who show confidence and are not selfish, get and give the most intense pleasure. I have found they tend to be more sensitive and accommodating. they also experience more pleasure for themselves by far than men with larger penises, with only one exception.

    The exception was a very handsome body builder about 5'11" with a long and very thick penis. He had testicles about the size of almonds. He had an orgasm that was more intense and lasted longer than anyone I've ever met, or even seen in porn.

    So, don't sweat it. Accept your size for what it is as there is very little you can effectively do to change it. Surgery is very risky. The results you might obtain from herbs and drugs could be considered negligible. And even jelqing and stretching are extremely limited in effectiveness and can also be dangerous.

    Instead of worrying about how your sexual partner will react, take the trouble to become educated in sexual techniques. Then, discover what your sexual partner likes and do that as best you can. you'll be a winner all the way around.
  • When the handsome 6'5" hunk dropped his pants and revealed his thin four inch erection and almond size testicles, the woman asked, "and just who are you going to please with that?" To which he replied, "me!"
  • You will never have sex with a hot woman EVER
  • My husband is older, treats me like queen his dick is small
    I love him so much. My X had a xlarge penis it was good
    but it hurt my husband make me want it more like 2 to 3 times a daymy X was once a week.
  • yee
  • i have a 4 inch penis and a 3 inch tongue.. thats 7 inches total and thats enough for any woman!
  • It is 4 sure! Small penis doesn't matter for a woman to be sexually satisfied. all it takes is the damn love and queened treatment that you render 2 a woman. Nothing is wrong with a small dick to satisfy a woman to the fullest. Enjoy Mr Small Penis!!
  • It is 4 sure! Small penis doesn't matter for a woman to be sexually satisfied. all it takes is the damn love and queened treatment that you render 2 a woman. Nothing is wrong with a small dick to satisfy a woman to the fullest. Enjoy Mr Small Penis!!
  • iiave a very small dick she dont like it frack her nffd
  • real wife here again (one who's husband died of cancer before) ..There are pills n potions which are b.s ...there is a good video out there of a bloke stretching his wang different ways..not masturbation pulling it to make it bigger..have u seen another weird video..where a bloke attaches rocks to lift with his penis and nuts...and they are a alot longer due to that...well pulling up down and actuallly stretching it softly like in first video i was talking about does work...try that at least for 3 mnths ..dont yank it hoping for it slowly so you wont hurt yourself...Also i hope you are reading this with penis problem..but also what helps is a penis inflate a bit more blood into your dong...Dont over do it ...just now angd again...will actually work ...i tried these both with husband and each did work...remember it is a muscle ...just like in bodybuilding men strenghthen the bicep muscles its the same thing in a way...I sincerely hope this helps..

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